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The nextgen 2D/3D rendering tool

Clarisse iFX is a new breed of high-end 3D animation software made by Artists for Artists. Its workflow has been designed from scratch with the main idea of letting Artists work interactively on their final images with full effects on. Thanks to Clarisse's innovative technologies and its modern software architecture, this dream is now possible: artists can now create and work on lifelike environments with the level of interactivity they've always dreamed of!

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From scene assembly and look dev to lighting and rendering, learn all about Clarisse!

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It's very easy to add, move or remove geo in Clarisse and have a very quick idea of how it's going to look integrated into the environment. Once the layout is sitting in Clarisse, artists can really focus on the look, with a faster turnover allowing more look iterations than before.
Eric Vezinet, Rendering Supervisor at Double Negative
Eric Vezinet  
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