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Volume Rendering and OpenVDB support
Deep Output support
Double sided and vector displacement
Displacement stitching
Improved sampling quality
High sample value clamping controls
New per-item render flags

Look Development

Ray Switch
Support Color
Extract Geometry Properties
Normal input/output
Implicit point cloud in combiners

Color Management

OpenColorIO Support
Real-time 2D/3D LUT display correction
Real-time display exposure control
2D/3D LUT texture map correction
New LUT Manager


Groups support in Combiners and Scatterers
Scatterer Improvements
New 3D Manipulators
New 3D Clone Stamp
1:1 Maya compatible kinematics

Scene Assembly

Attribute Editor improvements
New filter driven groups
New context, object and attribute locks
Per item user-comments
Alembic property support
Speed optimizations

File Referencing

Multi-level file referencing and attribute overriding
Reference to local conversion
Local to reference conversion
Super fast reference relinking
Light and Fast incremental value saving
Environment Variables Support
ASCII based serialization

User Interface

Tabbed Viewports and custom layout management
Rectangle marquee selection
New wireframe and micropolygon wireframe display
New limited region controls
Path Manager improvements
New Render History widget


Improved Script Editor
Command Port
Custom Python Startup Script
Embedding Clarisse