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Open the window to your creative mind.

An outstanding interactive 3D rendering engine linked to a state-of-the-art 32-bit compositing engine in which you can animate, shade, light, filter at the same time, while everything is managed by a smart memory optimizer and all this, in a single striking piece of software that offers an amazing workflow.




Then, you haven't met Clarisse™ iFX™ yet.


Imagine yourself lighting, animating, shading and texturing lifelike environments or even working on demanding visual effects, while having the power to constantly work on the final image. Clarisse™ iFX™ brings you this breathtaking workflow that liberates you from technical limitations in order to unleash your creativity.


Welcome to a parallel world.

Not only the rendering is faster, but everything is. The whole evaluation is fully multi-threaded, from loading, deformation, to rendering and compositing. It's simple: the more cores your workstation has, the faster it gets. It's so fast, you'll even wonder if you didn't just upgrade your hardware.

A new magical experience.

Work directly on your images. It's really easy. Wanna pick an object? Just click on it. Move it? Drag it directly in the image. Assign a material? Just drag and drop it. Change the viewpoint? Orbit the camera. It's so natural, you won't even remember how you were doing it before.


Create more compelling images.

Be the one to decide for the actual limit of the image detail. Combine geometries, build 3D geometry tiles to create endless animated asteroid fields and massive spaceship fleets in seconds. Reach instantly the outrageous amount of detail you've always dreamed of!

Extend your workflow.

Work on your images until they get final without feeling the need to switch back and forth between applications. Achieve your shading, lighting, layering and compositing at the same time without the need to save in-between images such as masks or passes. It's really easy and you don't have to worry about massive disk space and network bandwidth usage.

Interact smoothly with your favorite applications.

Designed with pipelines in mind, import easily assets from your favorite applications. Introducing the concept of asset awareness, Clarisse™ iFX™ keeps track of imported asset file dependency. Modify any asset from any other application and with a single mouse click, all changes are magically applied for you. It's that simple.


Procedurally easy.

When you work with Clarisse™ iFX™, you don't realize you are running on one of the world's most advanced procedural scene graph ever made. You just realize you work faster. You can freely modify or animate any property without having to think about the consequences. You just see them. When you deform a geometry used to generate points defining the position of thousand of rocks rendered in your image, shouldn't it be automatically updated? Sure, you know what you want and Clarisse™ iFX™ does too.

Optimize your scenes.

Get full control over the rendering engine. Control which objects are visible but also which ones are reflected, cast shadows and even emit indirect illumination. Setting layers passes and level of detail (LOD) switching has never been so easy, it's directly at the heart of Clarisse™ iFX™

Render 360 panoramas.

Create dynamic reflection and environment maps using the built-in panoramic renderer. It's really simple to create custom HDR spherical maps from any point of your 3D scenes. It's even simpler when you don't have to bake them. And it gets amazing to see them automatically updated when some changes occur. At no cost, you get believable reflection and illumination maps, and, guess what, the rendering goes faster!

Your workstation gets smart.

Modify freely what you want, when you want, the way you want. Want to modify a geometry or a light position during a complex evaluation? No worries. No matter what, you always have control. Even better, if your modification doesn't affect a running evaluation, then it keeps evaluating. The beauty of it is that it's automatic! Did you know that in 3D, the position of a sun light doesn't affect illumination? Well, Clarisse™ iFX™ knows it for you.

Sometimes less is better.

Designed to be simple, yet powerful, edit properties of either one or multiple objects in one simple action within a single tool. Even better, those objects can be of different kinds. Edit properties of several lights along with the ones of several geometries. If you need to isolate your editor from global selection, just lock it and press refresh to re-sync. If you want to update what's displayed in your editor, just drag and drop what you want. In fact, it can't be simpler: less actions to leave more room to your decisions.


Design your own workshop.

Take over the user interface layout to make it yours. Replace the default user interface with one that only displays the editors relevant to your work. Create multiple windows for multiple screens as if they were separate applications. Then, customize their layout so that they look like compositing, painting or 3D animation software. And, best of all, you don't have to wait for the end of an evaluation to start modifying your layout: this doesn't affect evaluation.

Work on your current favorite platform.

Licensing is platform independent, and Clarisse™ iFX™ runs on either Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or Linux operating systems.