What's Clarisse?

Clarisse is a fully interactive CG toolset for rendering, lighting, look development and pre-compositing

Clarisse : the nextgen 2D/3D rendering tool.

A Workflow built from scratch

Clarisse has been designed to streamline the workflow of CG artists to let them work and constantly interact on their final image with full effects on.

Clarisse, is specialized in the creation of and assembly of immense environments, look development, lighting and rendering.





A workflow from a better perspective
Clarisse provides tons of high-end features all designed to be consistent and intuitive. Its workflow scales nicely with massive complexity while keeping things easy to manage. By simplifying the way CG artists work, Clarisse revolutionizes the daily work of Digimatte and Environment artists, Look development and lighting artists working in VFX and Animation studios.

5 reasons to adopt Clarisse

Unified workflow letting you work interactively on the final image.

Artist-friendly integrated set of tools in a highly customizable user interface.

Fast, reliable and predictable state of the art built-in CPU rendering engine. 


Modern massively parallel and memory efficient procedural evaluation engine that lets you break the polygon barrier.

Powerful pipeline oriented architecture and features with full Python scripting capabilities.




Not only is Clarisse a blazingly fast renderer but it allows an artist an incredible amount of flexibility in how they setup their scenes. It somehow manages to allow very complex setups while making it seem simple, intuitive and artist friendly. As our industry changes and the requirements of visual effects become more and more complex, this intuitive approach is invaluable. Fortunately it's also backed up with a renderer that can handle the complexity.
Graham Jack, Chief Technology Officer at Double Negative
Graham Jack