Clarisse 3.0



  • All new physically based rendering engine
  • New physical lights, materials and volumes
  • New layered and composite materials
  • New multi-sample deformation and transformation motion blur
  • Rendering speed optimizations such as up to twice as fast to render volumes

Look Development

  • All new UDIM/UVTiles UV baking supporting AOVs and projection baking
  • Displacements support in Shading Layers
  • New Open Shading Language (OSL) texture pattern generation
  • New master input and texture bypass support
  • New texture coordinate space modes and alternate position support
  • New set of textures and math operators


  • New and revamped 3D manipulators
  • New item snapping tools
  • New density map based point cloud generation
  • ID based scattering and per scatterer decimation
  • Item selection locks and item isolation
  • Wireframe selection highlight in 3D View

Scene Assembly

  • Rule based groups performance improvements
  • Item/context level disabling
  • Item/context reordering and color tagging
  • Project loading and item creation/deletion speed optimizations
  • New project search path
  • File referencing speed improvements

User Interface

  • All new Texture View
  • Background/foreground plates support in 3D View
  • Improved Color Dialog with LUT support
  • Fully scriptable application menu bar and python commands log output
  • User-configurable units
  • 3D View, Attribute Editor, Graph Editor and Material Editor improvements


From a technical perspective, Clarisse was a huge help (...) Because of Clarisse’s referencing system, updating assets is as simple as changing out a symbolic link on disk, or a file path in Clarisse. It allows dozens of people to work on one environment at a time. For example, an environment artist can dress in an incomplete model before a modeler has finished it. As the model is improved, we simply refresh the shot, and all of the days work shows up in the nightly render.
Alex Hessler, VR and CG Supervisor at Tippett Studio
Alex Hessler  
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