We live in a world where everyone wants projects to be done as quickly as possible. When I work with Clarisse, I can see everything interacting with everything, which wasn’t possible to achieve with other softwares.
Ivoslav Stanev, Head of CGI/Managing Partner, at Recom Blacksmith
Ivoslav Stanev, Head of CGI/Managing Partner  

Clarisse's shading gave me exactly what I wanted, and I was hooked within one hour.
Johnathan R.Banta, Visual Effects Supervisor / Owner, at AGRAPHA Productions
Johnathan R.Banta, Visual Effects Supervisor / Owner  

We chose Clarisse for look development and rendering of large scale landscapes on the Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Cinematic World Premiere Trailer because it allowed us to work extremely quickly, iterating on creative ideas and delivering film-quality results on a tight deadline.
Tibor Nádas, Lead Matte Painter at DIGIC Pictures, at DIGIC Pictures
Tibor Nádas, Lead Matte Painter at DIGIC Pictures  

Not only is Clarisse a blazingly fast renderer but it allows an artist an incredible amount of flexibility in how they setup their scenes. It somehow manages to allow very complex setups while making it seem simple, intuitive and artist friendly. As our industry changes and the requirements of visual effects become more and more complex, this intuitive approach is invaluable. Fortunately it's also backed up with a renderer that can handle the complexity.
Graham Jack, Chief Technology Officer at DNEG
Graham Jack  

Of all the 3D programs I've used, Clarisse is way out ahead of the pack in terms of ease of use, interactivity, fast handling of huge amounts of data, and ease of pipeline integration. The guys at Isotropix are dedicated to putting power into the hands of production artists and streamlining their work flow, and the result is an entirely new experience of creativity and productivity that we have all been waiting for.
Paul Huston, Senior/Lead Digital Matte Artist at Industrial Light & Magic
Paul Huston  

When we first tested Clarisse we were like kids in front of Santa. It was the first time we could directly work on the final image and play with so many polygons.
Christophe Courgeau, Matte Painting Supervisor at Mikros Image
Christophe Courgeau  

With Clarisse “What you see is what you get” is now a reality for CG artists! The new 3.0 is surprisingly faster, more interactive and its brand new features are just awesome for quick iterations in scenes with tons of geometry.
Paul Florian Bruchhäeuser, CTO at Liga 01 Computer Film
Paul Florian Bruchhäeuser  

Clarisse is the most responsive, optimized, and clever software I have ever used. Every new release adds tons of features, without compromising performance and usage simplicity. There is a clear vision behind this product, and I just can't wait what's coming next.
Pascal Beeckmans, 3D Generalist at Gameloft
Pascal Beeckmans  

Clarisse made it possible to generate extremely rich environments without worrying about number of polygons. We managed to reach 20 billion polygons without any sign of slowing down. And the scatter tools helped us generate thousands of plants with simplicity and interactivity that we couldn’t find with any other software.
Raminta Poskute, Post Producer at Mathematic
Raminta Poskute  

Clarisse offers distinct advantages over other options in the industry. It sets itself apart primarily by its ability to handle insane amounts of geometry, its fast render times, and it's artist friendly interface.
Alex Hessler, VR and CG Supervisor at Tippett Studio
Alex Hessler  

The speed of setting up huge massive scenes, and then the speed of rendering them, and making changes on the fly to see the result interactively, made me fall back in with with CG work.
Sylvain Théroux, CG/VFX Supervisor, at Raynault VFX
Sylvain Théroux, CG/VFX Supervisor  

In Clarisse, we were able to load everything in under 20 minutes. As artists, we were most excited about working with high-res model directly instead of bounding boxes.
T.Lo, Environment Supervisor, at Base FX
T.Lo, Environment Supervisor  

Clarisse is easy to integrate into the pipeline, artist friendly and very fast to pick up. With a powerful core concept and a very passionate and talented team behind it all. Seems clear to me!
Yafei Wu, COO - Chief Operating Officer at Important Looking Pirates
Yafei Wu  

Immediately, I fell in love with the pictures and the capabilities of Clarisse. I was very impressed to see complex scenes handled in an intuitive way.
Vincent van der Klaauw, Senior Environment and Matte Painting Artist, at MediaMonks
Vincent van der Klaauw, Senior Environment and Matte Painting Artist  

Being able to work quickly and fast inside Clarisse and see things directly in the viewport in real time, it really gives us the opportunity to focus on the artistic part of our job. So place the elements down, work on the final image, and nail the shot.
Alexandre Durocher, Environment Lead, at Rodeo FX
Alexandre Durocher, Environment Lead  

The flexible reference system in Clarisse was a great help for us. It was really easy, at any given point of the production, to know what the entire film looked like and to improve every shot and every asset.
Sylvain Grain, Producer, at Cube Creative
Sylvain Grain, Producer  

It was an easy choice for us to adopt Clarisse for rendering as we were using it for our lookdev and lighting as well, and it didn’t disappoint. Clarisse delivered noise free renders, gave us easy to understand CNode batch commands, and rendered much quicker than other 3D applications we’ve used. Our overall rendering experience with Clarisse was fantastic.
Kiran ​​Kumar, Lighting Lead, at Gulliver Studios
Kiran ​​Kumar, Lighting Lead