We are the makers of leading 3D content creation and rendering software Clarisse, used globally to create stunning, award-winning content for Film, Episodic, Games and Visualization.


A team of industry veterans, we’re passionate about streamlining the creative process for VFX and Animation. Through artist-led development we create powerful, intuitive 3D software free from legacy inefficiencies, and loved by CG artists everywhere.

Our clients and partners include: major feature film studios DNEG, Industrial Light & Magic, WETA Digital, Dreamworks Animation and Walt Disney Animation Studios, AAA game studios, leading visualization studios, and expert technology partners: Conductor, SpeedTree, AMD, and Nvidia, to name a few. As well as a passionate and talented community of independent artists.

Founded in 2011, we have offices in Montpellier, France (HQ) and Los Angeles, California.




Our co-founders Sam Assadian and Sebastien Guichou have spent their careers in the VFX and animation industry finding innovative solutions to improve the CG image creation process. Working together since 1996, they cut their teeth working in prestigious animation studios, where they designed and developed production pipelines, integrating the full range of graphics software solutions, and developed many proprietary tools. During this time they became well known for their expertise as first class graphics software engineers and high-end 3D artists working across feature film, TV, commercials, and AAA game cinematics.

With a unique and broad reaching view of the animation industry and its software offerings, Sam and Seb founded Isotropix in 2011: Born from over 20 years of industry expertise and with the dream of empowering artists through powerful, innovative 3D software.

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A word from the CEO


"I've been working in the CG Industry doing 3D animation, and special effects for a long time now. When I look back at those years, I feel privileged to have worked with some of the most talented people on the planet, who unsurprisingly have ended up being the CG supervisors of today’s world leading studios. I remember all the time we spent struggling with 3D software, fighting to improve our images. I still remember how frustrating it was to devise complex workarounds to get the job done, with highest quality and on  time. And all because the tools we really needed weren’t available. 

Instead of being consumed by these frustrations, here at Isotropix we've invested 10 years in solving these issues and are proud to be leading providers of a new generation of 3D content creation and rendering software, loved by artists around the world. Embodied in our Clarisse product family is a new approach and technology that frees production artists and plugin developers from the age-old technical limitations faced when working in 3D.”

Sam Assadian, CEO & Founder