Who we are

Company Description 

Founded by animation industry veterans, Isotropix™ is a start-up specialized in developing high-end professional
graphics software and aims at providing CG artists game-changing innovations.


Some History

While industry players solutions are dictated by marketing departments, the strong belief of Isotropix™ founders is to design their solutions "for CG artists, by CG artists". They believe they'll revolutionize the market by simplifying user-workflow with their disruptive innovative software that answers CG artist's growing frustration.

A team of passionate people

Relying on a passionate and multi-talented team composed of industry experts in animation, video games, films and television, Isotropix™ offers cutting edge solutions that greatly improve productivity of CG artists without sacrificing their creativity. Thanks to their revolutionary patent-pending technology, Isotropix™ is the world first CG software development company to provide, within a single software, the unique integration of most needed features to create easily rich and complex images.


About The Founders

Sam Assadian and Sebastien Guichou, Isotropix™ two founders, spent most of their careers in the animation industry finding innovative solutions to improve image creation process involving computer graphics.

Working in pair since 1996, they are internationally renowned for their very rare expertise. Indeed, beyond being first class graphics software engineers, founders are also high-end 3D artists and worked for feature films, TV, TV commercials, AAA game cinematics.

They evolved in prestigious animation studios. They were directly involved in the design and development of several production pipelines integrating most graphics software. They also developed many proprietary tools.

This unusual career path gives them a very unique vision of the animation industry and its graphics software market.Isotropix™ was born out of the observation that during these past 20 years, graphics software workflows became more and more complex and less and less well-adapted to artistic needs facing economic reality. 

Be part of the adventure

A word from the CEO

"I've been working a long time now in the CG Industry doing 3D animation, and special effects. When I look back at those years, I just can't hide how lucky I feel to have had the privilege of working with some of the most talented people on the planet, who unsurprisingly, have ended up being CG supervisors of world leading studios today. However, I still remember the time when we were struggling trying to get the most out of commercial packages to improve our images. I still remember how frustrating it was to devise complex workarounds to get things done, both in quality and in time. Why? Simply because the tools were not there, and sadly, years later, they are still not there... 

We've always wondered why, until someone came up with a brilliant analogy: who on earth would ask to an engineer who has never driven a car to draw and design one? That was it, the issue was in fact simple. Indeed, as it's quite easy to learn how to drive to get a license, yet, it's very difficult to learn how to create industry standard images: first, it requires at least an ounce of talent, and second, years of training.

Instead of being consumed by frustration, here at Isotropix, we've spent the last few years working on this issue and we are now really proud to come up with a solution finally supporting the way images should be created. Embodied in our Clarisse product family , its new approach and its technology frees production artists and plugin developers from the same technical limitations I've shared when I was working in production.

From now on, the next few years will be really exciting. Every day we come up with tons of new ideas on new workflow that'll ease users' lives and offer new creative possibilities."

Sam Assadian, CEO/Founder