September 23rd, 2022

Behind The Magic: Alexis Jorion

Welcome to Episode 7 of Behind The Magic: A show made by CG artists for CG artists, featuring ArtFX student Alexis Jorion

In this episode, we go behind the scenes to take a deeper dive into Alexis’ projects made with Clarisse. Learning all about the artistic inspirations behind his creations, his transition from motion graphics into VFX, and how Clarisse helps him take his student projects to the next level

Inspired to learn VFX after seeing films such as Alice Through the Looking Glass and Blade Runner 2049, both of which were made with Clarisse, Alexis is now concluding his final year of an environment specialization at Montpellier’s ArtFX, and has used Clarisse in many of his academic projects. In this episode, he breaks down the workflow, color pallets and character design methods that he uses to create his signature steampunk style projects, including the fantastical ‘Clocker Square’, and tells us why Clarisse is his top choice for environment work

Alexis’ work is truly inspiring, and shows us that with a lot of passion, creativity and a little help from Clarisse you can create blockbuster style scenes, even when you’re just starting out. Alexis dreams of landing his first post-graduate gig at Industrial Light and Magic with the help of his work made with Clarisse. We think they’d be lucky to have you Alexis!

About Alexis Jorion: