January 9th, 2023

Behind The Magic: Khaled Elmeligy

Welcome to Episode 9 of Behind The Magic: A show made by CG artists for CG artists, featuring Industrial Light and Magic Generalist Artist, Khaled Elmeligy.

In this episode, we go behind the scenes with Khaled and learn about his journey into the VFX industry. Khaled started out as a graphic designer with a passion for oil painting and landscapes, inspired by painter and television personality, Bob Ross. Deciding to turn his passion digital, Khaled took up matte painting, taught himself a number of 3D software packages, and eventually became an expert in 3D environments. Khaled then progressed from being a freelance artist to working as a Generalist Artist at one of the most prominent visual effects studios in the world, Industrial Light and Magic, where he remains today.

Join us as Khaled talks us through some of his stunning freelance projects made with Clarisse, including his lush environment project, ‘Convergent Mountain’ (one of his first ever in Clarisse), his set extension work on the fast-turn around ‘Etisalat’ commercial, and his film-grade ‘Hamlet Feroon’ project. Khaled breaks down his workflow in Clarisse, Houdini and Nuke, and explains why using Clarisse for lighting, set dressing and scattering is critical when working independently on complex projects with tight deadlines. 

We also take a deep dive into Khaled’s procedural workflow for environment creation in Clarisse and Houdini. Along with sharing his techniques for procedural rock creation, we learn how this workflow can be used as a powerful alternative to photogrammetry. 

Khaled’s passion for environments and artistic eye shine through in all of his personal projects made with Clarisse. Keep an eye out for Khaled’s upcoming work!

About Khaled Elmeligy: