April 11th, 2022

Behind The Magic: Mai Al-Arabi

Welcome to Episode 6 of Behind The Magic: A show made by CG artists for CG artists.

In this episode, we go behind the scenes with Mai Al-Arabi, phenomenal freelance CG artist and instructor, specializing in digital matte painting and 3D environments, to learn more about her projects made with Clarisse, including ‘The Story of Evil D’, ‘At the Bottom of the Ocean’, and ‘Beyond the River’. We’ll also learn about her professional workflow, and the Clarisse courses offered at her VFX Academy PrismFX Studio, where she is co-founder and instructor, specializing in teaching the art of VFX to industry beginners, including the art of mastering Clarisse iFX.  

About Mai Al-Arabi: 



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