November 10th, 2022

Behind the Scenes : Coldplay X Selena Gomez - Let Somebody Go


In this VFX breakdown, we go behind the scenes at Tippett Studio to learn how Clarisse played a key role in layout, look development, lighting and rendering of the stunning, Film Noir inspired ‘Coldplay X Selena Gomez - Let Somebody Go’ music video, starring singers Chris Martin and Selena Gomez as lovers torn apart. 

Founded by two-time Oscar and Emmy award winner Phil Tippett, Tippett Studio is a full-service animation and visual effects production company. Its projects range from stop-motion animation, to themed entertainment and major film and TV series including: Twilight, Starship Troopers, Ted, The Mandalorian, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

In this ‘Behind the Scenes’ video, VFX Supervisor Brad Fox, Environment Lead Glenn Cotter, and Compositing Supervisor Ross Nakamura share how they created the confusing world of ‘Let Somebody Go’, filled with its never-ending staircases and multi-layered perspectives, inspired by the artwork of MC Escher and Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

Learn how Tippett created the ‘splitting worlds’ sequence using Clarisse for set extension, and to create a massive cityscape that could be seen off into the horizon. Clarisse’s ability to handle such a massive scene allowed Tippett’s artists to layout the city, manipulate it, gauge lighting, and immediately see results. Which was ‘essential’ when working on a tight deadline. 

Not only did Clarisse allow the team at Tippett to create expansive environments, it also helped in perfecting the project’s Film Noir look. Challenged with combining the beautifully shot live action color plates with CG, and delivering a consistent stark contrast look. The team imported a LUT from editorial in Clarisse, allowing them to work fast and efficiently, visualizing changes in real-time, and in context of the final color grade.

Tippett Studio highlights the many advantages to working with Clarisse in their pipeline, whether that’s on feature films or highly-creative short form projects. Clarisse’s ability to deal with large, complex scenes lets Tippet turn shots around quickly and hit the right notes, time and again. Congratulations to Tippett Studio on their first ever music video. May there be many more!