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You’re probably eager to get started right? Don't worry this 3 steps mini-guide will help you get you up and running with Clarisse in no time!



Creating an account

In order to download Clarisse installation package you must first create an account on our website. Creating an account is very simple and shouldn't take you longer than a couple of minutes to complete.

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Installing Clarisse


All our software and extra contents can be downloaded from My Download Area. My Download Area can be accessed through the Account Menu but you first have to log in to our website. In the likely event there are multiple Service Packs (SP) available in My Download Area, please make sure to download the latest installation package only: you are not required to download older package versions as each package contains the full installation of Clarisse.

We advise you to read the Read Me file provided with each major version as well as the Release Notes found with each release!

Download Clarisse


Before downloading Clarisse installation package, we first kindly recommend you to check that your system meets the minimum system requirements.

Just double click on the installation executable file you’ve downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions.
Open the disk image (DMG) you’ve downloaded and drag the Isotropix icon into your Applications folder.
Extract directly the content of the archive you’ve downloaded to any destination folder.



If you plan to run the Free Personal Learning Edition of Clarisse, then you don’t require any license file and you are ready to go! You can directly run Clarisse and when the Licensing Issue Window appears, just select Run as PLE. Find out more about Clarisse PLE.


If you’ve just acquired a license of Clarisse, you should have received the steps in the confirmation email to proceed with the license installation. To install your license please refer to the Installation and Licensing section of the User Guide.

Node Locked
If you've received a Node Locked License, we prepared a short tutorial to guide you through your license installation: How to install a node locked license.

If you need to install floating licenses, here are the installation tutorials for each platform: Windows, Linux and Mac OS.



Getting started with Clarisse

So it’s the first time you’re running Clarisse? Then we’ve created this series of beginner's tutorials to get you familiarized with all the aspects of Clarisse in no time! If you are looking to improve your skills and go further with Clarisse, we invite you to reach our Tutorials section and use our Community Forums.

Have fun with Clarisse!

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