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A Beginner's Journey with Clarisse iFX - Part 1

Author: Isotropix
Clarisse version: 4.0
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It's time to start your journey into Clarisse iFX. In this in depth 6 part series we will take you through all the most important aspects of Clarisse iFX. And by the end of it you will have the knowledge to create massive scenes of your own!

Part 1: The Fundamentals 101

We'll teach you the very basics of Clarisse iFX and its uniquely powerful Context workflow. We will overview the most basic requirements for producing your very first scene in Clarisse iFX.

Part 2: Basic Scene Building

We'll show you how to produce the basics of your scene using bespoke placement of your assets using tools like Clone Stamp. We'll also learn about how to leverage the powerful instancing workflows in Clarisse iFX to keep our build flexible and non destructive.

Part 3: Lighting and Look Development

We'll get into Clarisse iFX Progressively Rendered 3D View and we'll start to really discover the power of lighting and look development in Clarisse iFX.

Part 4: Advanced Procedural Layout

We'll teach you about using the procedural layout tools in Clarisse iFX to create very complex layouts in very little time. You'll quickly learn why these tools are the cornerstone of Clarisse iFX workflow.

Part 5: Volumetrics

We'll teach you how to use Volumes in Clarisse iFX. Nothing will enhance your scene like a great Volume and no software in the world makes working with them so much fun and easy.

Part 6: Rendering and comping your image

We'll teach you how to render your image to disk. But more than that, we'll learn how to break down your single image into multiple layers using Groups. This way, you can manipulate each layer independently either in 3D OR 2D!