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Clarisse BUiLDER: 3D View Link Visibility

Author: Isotropix
Clarisse version: Olympus R1
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Working in a flow of operations is great since you have a constant overview of the scenes construction. In Clarisse BUiLDER, you can visualize at anytime the different scene states by setting the current vizroot to a Scene Assembly node. However, this workflow tends to force you to arrange your builds in a certain way.

In this tutorial we are going to discover the Link Visibility feature of the 3D View which is a very important feature of the Clarisse BUiLDER workflow. It allows you to link the 3D view to any Scene Assembly nodes of the build without setting them as Vizroot. This way you can visualize the result at any point of your build and freely perform edits on any upstream nodes set as Vizroot!