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Clarisse BUiLDER: Hello World Tutorial

Author: Isotropix
Clarisse version: Olympus R1
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In this very detailed Clarisse BUiLDER 101 tutorial we are going to create an extremely simple build to get familiar with key concepts of Clarisse BUiLDER. We will bring assets, create 2 render layers, comp them and prepare the build so that images are saved to disk when rendered over the render-farm.

Video Chapters

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting content directory
  3. Bringing assets to the build
  4. Discovering the merge node
  5. Understanding nodes status bars
  6. Preparing render layers
  7. Understanding the concept of Vizroot
  8. Setting the Vizroot
  9. A quick word on evaluation
  10. Editing the scene using an Edit node
  11. Using the Vizroot to see scene states
  12. Creating a Render Scene
  13. Creating a Image Node Render to render the scene
  14. Displaying the render in the Image View
  15. Setting up the viewpoint and a light
  16. Adding an Image Write node
  17. Setting up render layers
  18. Using Isolate nodes to create render layers
  19. Adding Dot nodes
  20. Creating FG and BG render layers
  21. Using instancing to setup render layers
  22. Defining the visibility of the render layers
  23. Making the actual render layers
  24. Binding the render layers to the Image View image slots
  25. Cycling through Image View slots
  26. Compositing FG over BG
  27. Changing input assets
  28. Adding holdouts to the render layers