Level: Beginner | Categories: Basics, Fundamentals, Rendering, Compositing | May 2nd, 2019 Download contents

Clarisse BUiLDER: Render AOVs and QC comp workflow

Author: Isotropix
Clarisse version: Olympus R1
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In this mini-tutorial we are going to learn about Clarisse BUiLDER's AOV workflow.

We’ll see how we can leverage from the compositing abilities of Clarisse BUiLDER to create a very simple Qiality Control, or QC, comp script directly in our build. We will create light path expressions, or LPEs, to extract the beauty per-light, additively recombining them in a comp script using image nodes to rebuilding the full render beauty pass, but giving us the ability to modify the light contribution before the final output!