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Clarisse Canyon Run - Part 1

Author: James Miller
Clarisse version: 3.0
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Part 1: Importing and scattering the elements for our Canyon Run in Clarisse.

Part 2: Setting up our shading layer, and then assigning lights and materials.

Part 3: Setting up our AOV's and making material ID's 

Part 4: Slap comping our render in Nuke. Using vector blur, depth and ID AOV's.


Get to Know James Miller

James Miller is a Generalist at ILM and was one of the first wave of artists to use Clarisse in feature film, which started during his time with Double Negative. He has worked on films such as Ant-Man, Bond: Spectre, The Hunger Games franchise and Godzilla, specialising in large scale environment work.

Prior to moving into feature film, James was Head of Post Production for a company in London, producing content for Sony Playstation, Sky, the BBC and many others. He has a diverse media skill set, including video editing, motion graphics and sound engineering, and obtained his masters degree at the National Film and Television School

James is originally from the UK, and grew up in Hong Kong. He currently resides somewhere between London, Singapore and San Fransisco.

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