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Clarisse Webinar: One-Man Army

Author: Isotropix
Clarisse version: 4.0
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We are hosting another webinar! This time we will show you how Clarisse can empower solo-artists to do the work of a full team! Francesco Lorenzetti, Senior Concept Artist at Novaquark in Montreal, will show us his recent work on The Rebirth Project Trailer. Eric Smith, our very own Technical Artist, will take you through building a template scene using raw photogrammetry and trees generated by Speedtree that enables you to build an incredibly dense and organic scene in about 15 minutes, only using out-of-the-box tools! Kristijan Mrsic and Aleks Katunar from Momentum Studio in Croatia will then join us to present their work on The Age of Uskoks. Find out why they chose Clarisse iFX and how they used it to create the detailed environments in this just-released HTV documentary-drama series.

Webinar Chapters
0:00 Stream Start
4:39 Webinar Start
5:23 Schedule and Clarisse iFX News
8:08 The Rebirth Project, Dual Universe Trailer
10:20 Francesco Lorenzetti Interview
14:50 Francesco Lorenzetti Q&A
19:14 Momentum Studios - Age of Uskoks Breakdown
23:17 Kristijan Mrsic and Aleks Katunar Momentum Studio Interview
1:04:08 Kristijan Mrsic and Aleks Katunar Momentum Studio Q&A
1:18:35 15 minute Forest Build
1:43:30 15 minute Forest Breakdown
1:51:22 Clarisse iFX Q&A
2:01:35 Wrap-up and Thank You