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Isotropix Live: Thinking out the box

Author: Isotropix
Clarisse version: 4.0
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We can’t see you in person just yet, so let's get together virtually! Thanks to your feedback, this live event is quite focused on the content requested by the community. Eric will be showing you a tutorial on occlusion baking. There will also be some really cool speakers showcasing awesome use cases. Join us as we look into Recom Blacksmith to see how they reimagined the use of Clarisse for the automotive industry. We will also interview an amazing artist, David Ratajczak, who created an entire city by himself! You also don’t want to miss Sam showing us an exclusive sneak peek at what is coming in Clarisse, along with a mindblowing announcement!

Live Event Chapters
0:00 Start of the Live
2:00 Introduction
5:17 Clarisse for automotive advertisement
22:00 Ivoslav Stanev Q&A
36:43 Clarisse 4.0 new features
38:38 R2C Library (3rd party renderers to Clarisse)
39:54 Redshift in Clarisse
41:15 Olympus R2 new features
46:59 Clarisse 5.0 sneak peek
52:14 Introducing Angie
1:00:17 Q&A with Sam
1:07:37 One artist to create a whole city
1:20:57 David Ratajczak Q&A
1:26:02 Optimizing render times using baking
1:48:57 Eric Q&A