Audi Lunar Rover teaser by Liga 01

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January 21st, 2016

Liga 01 is an award winning company specialized in media digital productions, which main working field is computer films, including visual effects, animation of characters as well as motion graphics for movies, commercials and on-air-design.

In order to meet the high standard expectations of their clients and solve increasing time constraints, Liga 01 recently decided to implement Clarisse iFX into their pipeline. Clarisse as an intuitive tool, quickly made the difference at Liga 01, and helped the team to deliver incredible detailed shots in a really short period of time.

Liga 01 recently used Clarisse to realize Audi's "Mission to the moon" teaser, a full CG film where we follow Audi's Rover on his journey to reach the moon.

Here is the incredible teaser breakdown to watch!



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