Breakdown: E.ON Training Day by Liga 01

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May 26th, 2016

Liga 01 is an award winning company specialized in media digital productions, which main working field is computer films, including visual effects, animation of characters as well as motion graphics for movies, commercials and on-air-design.

E.ON Training Day Breakdown by Liga 01


Liga 01 recently used Clarisse to achieve E.ON Solarprofis closing shot where they had to insert a complete German village into a drone footage!

Clarisse, as a fast and intuitive software to pick up, quickly became a tool of choice in Liga 01 pipeline. Indeed, without Clarisse, Liga 01's team would not have been able to finish the EON project in time! Jens Monske, Managing Director at Liga 01, explained: “For EON our choice was made based on the unknowns of the final shot. We had to start production without actually knowing how much of the village would be visible in the shot. So we’ve created a huge amount of assets to prepare for a worst case scenario.” Clarisse fast render times made the rest!

Thanks to Clarisse, Jens and his team were able to complete the project despite huge time constraints. "Render times in Clarisse were just a fraction of our normal solution, so we wouldn't have been able to finish the project in time without Clarisse.” concluded Jens!

Here is the amazing breakdown for you to watch!