Planet X FX use of Clarisse on Storm: Letters of Fire

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December 7th, 2016

Dutch VFX-studio Planet X FX, took on the task of creating 16th-century Antwerp for an upcoming feature film: Storm: Letters of Fire.

The film (a Dutch, Belgian, Luxembourgian co-production) to be released early January contains 280 VFX shots.  With a team of about six to ten 3D artists and compositors, Planet X FX delivered about 175 shots in all. Planet X FX extensively used Clarisse to recreate the Belgian city of Antwerp back in the year 1521. 


The pipeline for this project was to create a procedural city in Softimage/ICE, creating assets in Photoscan, Softimage, C4D, 3DMax and/or Blender, with final scene construction, layout and rendering all done in Clarisse

Here is the VFX trailer to watch!


Earlier this year, Jasper Sheepbouwer, 3D Supervisor at Planet X FX gave a talk at ÜberTage to explain how he took on the task of creating 16th-century Antwerp. Along the way, he explains what Clarisse is and how it can work as a great companion to Softimage.

If you want to learn more about Clarisse's use at Planet X FX, watch the recording of Jasper's presentation @Übertage 2016 titled: Creating a massive city and landscape in Softimage and Isotropix Clarisse!

About Planet X FX

Planet X FX is at the forefront of creative visual effects in the Dutch film industry. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Planet X FX constantly improves its technological abilities and invests in both hard-and software to maintain its leading position. More importantly, the knowledge and creative skills of its team has always been the focus and primary priority, allowing more-than-average time for development, R&D and other creative processes that most companies don’t emphasise.