Behind The Magic YouTube Premiere: Khaled Elmeligy

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January 11th, 2023

Join us on YouTube, Wednesday, January 18 at 10am PST / 7pm CET for the Premiere of Episode 9 of Behind The Magic, a show made by artists for artists, featuring Industrial Light and Magic Generalist Artist, Khaled Elmeligy. 

In this episode, we go behind the scenes to learn how Khaled transitioned from a career in graphic design to creating 3D environments for feature films at one of the world’s leading VFX Studios. We take a closer look at some of his stunning freelance projects, breaking down his methods for lighting, set dressing and scattering in Clarisse, and learn his techniques for procedural environment creation using Clarisse and Houdini.

So check out what’s coming in Episode 9 featuring Khaled Elmeligy and Set a Reminder for the Premiere!

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