Clarisse iFX days @Siggraph 2015: speakers

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August 5th, 2015

Joins us in Los Angeles from August 11 to August 13 and meet Isotropix team at booth #1001!


We're super thrilled to announce our presence at Siggraph 2015!

For the entire exhibition, drop by our theatre booth and discover what makes Clarisse iFX the next-gen 2D/3D rendering tool. Experience the magic of Clarisse iFX and find out how its versatile capabilities change the game by offering a brand new approach to 3D that finally brings back fun to your everyday work!


Isotropix Team speakers


Yann Couderc, Product Specialist @Isotropix

After 10 years working for leading studios like Duran-Duboi, Cube Creative and La Maison, Yann Couderc gained a great experience in high-end VFX production as CG artist, director or CG supervisor. During his career, Yann worked on several feature films, “Upside Down”, “Immortal”, “The Nest”, and he even directed films such as “Peryl sur Akryls” and “Monaco, un rocher pour l'éternité”. Active tester and technical consultant early in Clarisse development back in 2010, Yann officially joined Isotropix in July 2011. He has since been in charge of tutorial and technical support while actively participating to Clarisse product design. Yann acts as a physical link between Isotropix R&D and Clarisse users community. He makes sure Clarisse tools answer actual production needs.


Rainer Duda, Clarisse Evangelist @Isotropix

Rainer started his career in the CG industry one decade ago by developing triple A videogames for PC, XBOX 360 and PS3. Besides his strong knowledge in realtime 3D technologies he worked as virtual reality engineer and technical artist for major companies in the entertainment and serious business industry.His different experiences led Rainer to work as international software trainer and author. After a huge CGI sweeping blow Rainer opened a company called RD Innovations which offers a variety of 3D services starting from 3D printing over 3D scanning to visual effects.

At the end of 2012 Isotropix sets up a collaboration with Rainer. His main task is the support ofIsotropix customers and making product presentations as well as workshops. In early 2015 Rainer became official Clarisse reseller.Rainer Duda worked on several productions like games such as Bullet Run - former Parabellum the Game, published by Sony Online Entertainment. Now he is working on his professional skills with Isotropix.


Guest speaker lineup


Throughout the exhibition, exceptional guest speakers will join us and share their experience with Clarisse iFX in some of their most recent projects!

We're are really thrilled to announce the presence of the following leading industry professionals @Isotropix's booth!




Alex Hessler, CG Supervisor @Tippett Studio,

Alex Hessler is a CG Supervisor at Tippett Studio. He has worked in visual effects and animation for more than 10 years, with credits on films such as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Avatar, and Pixar's Inside Out. He has co-authored Combustion Ground Rules, a instructional book on composting and is also a lecturer on CG Lighting and Shading at San Francisco State. Alex is currently focused on VR projects including an immersive theater ride.






Emmanuel Turquin, R&D Lead - Rendering @Double Negative,

Emmanuel Turquin is rendering R&D Lead at Double Negative. He studied Computer Science at EPITA in Paris, where he was also a member of the school's R&D lab, with a major in Graphics, Vision and Scientific computing. He then obtained a Masters degree in Computer Graphics from Grenoble University. Prior to DNeg, he was a PhD candidate at INRIA Rhone-Alpes, then joined The Bakery where he was a core developer of Relight, the company's lighting and rendering tool. His publications in computer graphics encompass interactive global illumination, non-photorealistic rendering and sketch-based modelling.






Kai Pedersen, Generalist/Lighting TD @Double Negative,

Kai Pedersen is currently a Lead Lighting TD utilizing Clarisse at Double Negative Vancouver on Alice Through the Looking Glass. He has been involved in the development and documention and training of the pipeline and workflows within Clarisse. His recent work as a lookdev and lighting artist includes Into the Woods, Godzilla and Maleficent.






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