COVID-19 Working from home?

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March 13th, 2020

As you all know, the COVID-19 outbreak is now a pandemic. We want to reassure you, we will do everything possible to accommodate you during this crisis. We've already taken all precautions possible to continue providing you with our best support in these difficult times.

We also understand you may be considering the implementation of a remote working policy. This page should reply to most of the questions you might have regarding a remote usage of our software. Rest assured our teams will be always available to offer you their full assistance on any licensing or technical questions you might have.

Node-Locked Licenses

If you are using node-locked licenses of Clarisse and have to work remotely, we have exceptionally updated the terms of our node-locked license transfer policy. In the event there are technical limitations preventing you to use a remote desktop application, we can offer you a temporary 60-day node-locked license of our software to run on a home machine. Please contact our sales department to get your temporary license.

Floating Licenses

Our floating licensing policy allows users to use a network license on a local machine through a VPN provided they are directly employed by the licensee's legal entity.

Educational Licenses

Students and teachers working in schools officially supporting Clarisse in their curriculum are entitled to a free home license of Clarisse. Please contact our sales team through this online form.

Remote Usage of Clarisse

Our general licensing policy, within the terms of our EULA, allows the use of our software through remote desktop applications such as Windows Remote Desktop* (RDP), Chrome Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, VNC, etc. Just make sure to set the Input Device Mode to Force Tablet to prevent experiencing glitches when manipulating items in the 3D View. You will find this setting in Edit > Preferences... > User Interface > Input Device Mode using the application main menu bar.

*The installation of a patch is needed if you are using Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) with a non Quadro NVIDIA graphics card. To get this patch, just follow the instructions on NVIVIA website here . Please note that  this patch is not needed for AMD based graphics cards.  

Any Questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact our sales team if you have any further questions regarding our licensing policy and our support forums for any technical questions about the remote utilization of our software.

We hope everyone stays safe out there!

The Isotropix team