Siggraph 2016: Catch up!

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August 5th, 2016

Siggraph 2016 catch up!  

We had a really great time @Siggraph 2016! You couldn't make it to Anaheim? No worries! Videos of Siggraph presentations covering Clarisse iFX 3.0 new features and enhancements are immediately available on our YouTube channel!


Special guest speakers presentations @Isotropix's booth


Throughout the exhibition, exceptional guest speakers have joined us to share their experience with Clarisse in some of their most recent projects! Here are the recordings of their presentations!


Dreams of China through Clarisse with Howard Campbell-Miller, Senior Lighter & Pipeline Developer at Tippett Studio

How Tippett Studio harnessed the power of Clarisse to bring the expansive land of China to life. Rendering giant 6k, 48 fps environments for a mammoth dome projection specialized venue ride.


Stadium Crowds: 5 to 50,000 with Clarisse with Jason Starne, Senior applications specialist at Cinesys-Oceana

Recreate stadium like shots with Clarisse. Discover how easily you can create a crowd of 50 000 people using Clarisse's scatterer and animated characters coming from Adobe Mixamo.


Grow an Environment Team with Clarisse with T.LO, Environement Supervisor at Base-FX

How the Base-FX Team take on the heaviest environment project without any prior Clarisse experience.


Clarisse at DnegTV with Mark Pascoe, Head of 3D at DnegTV

Discover the key role Clarisse played at DnegTV and an overview of its use featuring US shows like BrainDead and Agent Carter. With Mark Pascoe, Head of 3D at DnegTV.


Isotropix Team Presentations videos @Siggraph 2016

Introduction to Clarisse iFX

Discover Clarisse’s unique workflow which allows artists to interactively work on their final images displaying an unprecedented level of details! Learn why more and more studios rely on Clarisse to render effects and massive environments.

Photorealistic Rendering

Discover what makes Clarisse the best out-of-the-box dedicated look development and lighting application. Learn how the new Clarisse Physically Based Rendering system greatly simplifies the creation of complex photorealistic materials and lighting.

3D Matte Painting and Massive Environments

Discover how to build a realistic highly detailed futuristic city using Clarisse iFX. Overview all the latest layout tools improvements helping you design and create massive environments.


Introduction to Clarisse's powerful file referencing

Thanks to its attribute overriding, learn how Clarisse’s non-linear workflow can streamline your pipeline as well as simplify environment artists daily work. Overview how easy it is to modularly assemble a mini ride in a canyon using multiple referenced assets!


Integrated FX and Volume Rendering

Introduction to Clarisse complete volume toolset released in 3.0 version. Discover Clarisse’s all new Physically Based Rendering and shaders that will allow highly realistic FX renderings in your 3D scene using the OpenVDB integration.

Procedural Landscape Creation

Learn how fun and easy it is to build a massive tropical forest in Clarisse thanks to its powerful procedural modeling engine.


Discover Clarisse 3.0

Overview Clarisse 3.0 new features and its improved workflow that will bring you the best all-in-one rendering experience ever to date!