Amazing offers and Clarisse iFX at Siggraph 2015

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July 28th, 2015


We're more than happy to unveil today our Clarisse iFX Siggraph 2015 special offers!

To celebrate this very special event, we offer you the great chance to save over 50% on your Clarisse iFX permanent license! Yes, 50% off, you've read it well!

Special pricing offers: get Clarisse iFX for as low as $595!


Eager to experience Clarisse magic in your everyday work? Now is the time! Jump on our Siggraph special offers and save up to 50% on your Clarisse iFX permanent license!

You're a solo artist? Enjoy our Siggraph special Freelance edition1 starting at only $595!

A Clarisse iFX Floating edition2 is also available for studios starting at $1195!

As a good news never comes alone, you can still benefit from these amazing offers with our full maintenance program on3! And wait, even our maintenance program is discounted4!

Get your Freelance edition plus 12 months maintenance at only $795!

If you're a studio, get your Floating edition plus 12 months maintenance at only $1495!



Special offers5 will be available through Isotropix website ant its authorized resellers.

Siggraph 2015 special offers only available from August 8 to August 23!


  1. This offer includes 1 Clarisse iFX + 1 CRender Node Locked (A fair use for two computers is allowed.)
  2. This offer includes 1 Clarisse iFX floating license plus 1 CNode!
  3. As a reminder, our maintenance program subscription is the most cost-effective way to boost your Clarisse iFX experience! The maintenance program subscription includes premium support, priority upon feature requests and access to all upcoming major features and functions to constantly offers you the latest Clarisse iFX technology. Maintenance program subscription has a 12 months validity*!
  4. At expiration date you'll have the opportunity to renew your maintenance at the regular price.
  5. These offers are limited to 1 purchase per customer.



Clarisse iFX days @Siggraph 2015


We're super thrilled to announce our presence at Siggraph 2015! Joins us in Los Angeles from August 11 to August 13 and meet Isotropix team at booth #1001!

For the entire exhibition, drop by our theatre booth and get the chance to discover what makes Clarisse iFX the next-gen 2D/3D rendering tool. You'll learn about all the latest developments in Clarisse iFX 2.0 and catch on the tons of new features offered by our lately release of Clarisse!

Join us at booth #1001 and enjoy presentations covering all the latest improvements that makes Clarisse the best out-of-the-box dedicated look development, lighting and rendering application! 

In addition to all the great presentations hosted on our theatre booth, Isotropix team will provide tech demonstrations of Clarisse iFX throughout the entire exhibition. Feel free to drop by to experience in live Clarisse powerful features!

Isotropix team speakers include Yann Couderc, Clarisse iFX Product Specialist and Rainer Duda, Clarisse iFX Evangelist!


Special guest speakers @Isotropix's booth

Throughout the exhibition, exceptional guest speakers will join us to present how they have been using Clarisse in some of their most recent projects!

We're are really thrilled to announce the presence of the following leading industry professionals @Isotropix's booth! 

Alex Hessler, CG Supervisor @Tippett Studio

Emmanuel Turquin, R&D Lead - Rendering @Double Negative

Kai Pedersen, Generalist/Lighting TD @Double Negative

Others speakers to be announced soon!


The Isotropix booth theatre schedule will be available soon! Stay tuned for more details!

Isotropix Team is looking forward to meeting you in Los Angeles from August 11 to August 13!