Angie Early Access is Out Now

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December 6th, 2021

The wait is finally over! We’re excited to announce that Clarisse’s new nextgen hybrid CPU and GPU renderer, Angie, is now available in Early Access. Developed from the ground up, Angie delivers new levels of power, flexibility and performance exclusively to Clarisse users. If you missed our December Live event, where we uncovered the workflow of Angie inside Clarisse for the first time, watch it again here.

 Why Angie?

  • Angie is seamlessly integrated into Clarisse and designed to deliver major speed increases to users.

  • Angie brings a hybrid rendering architecture to render on the CPU, GPU or both combined.

  • Angie’s simplified controls make maximizing render performance and quality incredibly simple.

  • In true Isotropix style, Angie is compliant with the latest VFX standards, adding full support for OSL and MaterialX. 

  • Angie takes Clarisse users one step closer to working in real-time with a new Previz render mode


Who can use Early Access? 

Users with an existing Clarisse license, including Personal Learning Edition (PLE) and trial licenses, can download the early access build of Clarisse 5.5 now.  New users can claim their early access by starting a Clarisse trial, evaluation or with our Personal Learning Edition (PLE)

Ready for a first look at Angie? Visit and download Clarisse 5.5 Early Access today!