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November 18th, 2020

Who doesn’t love a Black Friday Sale?! For all of you indie artists out there, check out this once a year opportunity to save on a Clarisse iFX license. We are hosting another live on Youtube filled with presentations and customer interviews. Learn how they are using Clarisse for their work and maybe get ideas for yours! Some of us might be in another lockdown, but that hasn’t slowed our engineers down! Clarisse 4.0 SP13 has been released as well as Clarisse Olympus R2! There are some exciting new features added in these releases so be sure to check them out!

Black Friday Sale Announcement

Thinking of getting a Clarisse iFX license? Now is the time! If you are an indie or freelancer, it’s the ideal occasion of the year to pick up your license for Clarisse iFX.

For just $599 you'll get a permanent Indie license (40% off) including one year of maintenance or choose the 1-year Indie license at $399 (20% off).

The sale will be from Nov 23rd to Dec 2nd (GMT+1). Make sure to visit our store at:

Isotropix Live on YouTube

We can’t see you in person just yet, so why not get together virtually for another Isotropix Live? Join us on Youtube on November 25th at 10 am PDT/7 pm BST.  Thanks to your feedback, this live event will be quite focused on content requested by the community. There will also be some really cool speakers showcasing awesome use cases. Join us as we look into Recom Blacksmith to see how they thought out of the box as they reimagined the use of Clarisse for the automotive industry. We will also interview an amazing artist who created an entire city by himself! You also don’t want to miss Sam showing us an exclusive sneak peek at what is coming in Clarisse, along with a mindblowing announcement! Don't forget to register for our Live!


4.0 SP13

Discover the latest 4.0 SP13 upgrade that comes with several new features. A new Material Switcher has been developed to help you switch materials based on conditions. There's also a new Curve Utility node that allows you access to curve geometry information to boost your hair and fur look. Finally, you will find a Normal To Color node that significantly simplifies the baking of normal maps. Make sure that you make the update to have access to all these cool new features! 

Olympus R2

Olympus R2 is the first update to unify both Clarisse iFX and Clarisse BUiLDER. You can now run either Clarisse in iFX or BUiLDER mode within a single binary! If you are a Clarisse iFX user, you will now benefit from the latest core architecture that is the culmination of years of R&D driven by Clarisse BUiLDER. You will discover a brand new Graph Editor, improvements to global variables, new controls for widget evaluation, and other enhancements to the workflow. For Clarisse BUiLDER users, there are also some new added features and bugs that were fixed. On another note, we also have fully rewritten the user manual, take a look at it to learn about new stuff! 

From the Community

A new Artstation #MadeWithClarisse selection from very talentous artists. Enjoy!

Alberto GZ  
Alberto GZ   Björn Kähler
 Emilis Baltrusaitis   Xiaoqiang Wu
Emilis Baltrusaitis   Xiaoqiang Wu
Thibeault Chapiro   Ryan Ingram
Thibault Chapiron   Ryan Ingram