Clarisse 3.6 SP1 is out!

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March 28th, 2018

We’re thrilled to release today Clarisse 3.6 SP1! This new update brings you the new NVIDIA OptiX AI-driven denoiser technology directly integrated to Clarisse!

"The implications of the NVIDIA OptiX AI-accelerated denoiser in Clarisse are huge. It's a great way of reducing render and iteration time, both for preview and final images!" noted Martin Ögren, VFX Operations Manager at Important Looking Pirates.

Thanks to the new real-time denoiser powered by NVIDIA GPUs, you can now make your creative decisions faster than ever before! It’s truly magical! This game-changing technology will dramatically speed-up your final render times while providing you with improved feedback of your work, and all this directly within the software!

What's new in Clarisse 3.6 SP1?

This latest update of Clarisse brings NVIDIA AI-driven denoiser technology in the form of a real-time denoiser in Clarisse’s 3D View interactive progressive rendering, as an image filter for Clarisse final renders and finally as a new command line tool to denoise final renders as a post-render batch process.

Watch our feature highlight video and discover how this new powerful addition to Clarisse will improve your workflow by taking interactivity and progressive rendering to new levels!

 Find out more about Clarisse 3.6 SP1 and this latest update at:

Try and learn for free!

This brand new update comes with dedicated video tutorials as well as its updated PLE for you to try and explore for free the all-new denoiser features coming your way!

Real-time denoising in 3D View

Learn how to use the new game-changing Optix Denoiser built-in the 3D View to enable real-time denoising and get improved feedback of your work!


Denoise final renders using OptiX Denoiser

Learn how to use the GPU based Optix Denoiser image filter to drastically reduce your render times!

Introduction to CDenoise

Learn how to use the special command line tool designed to solve the issue of denoising renders on render-farms that are not fully equipped with NVIDIA GPUs!

Pricing & Availability

Clarisse 3.6 SP1 update is immediately available to purchase starting from $999, through our online store and our authorized resellers. Existing customers, with an active maintenance, are of course eligible for a free upgrade!

For any additional information on pricing please visit our online store

Clarisse 3.6 SP1 Webinar

Join live Isotropix’s CEO Sam Assadian and Lead Technical Artist Greg Jennings and discover the all-new denoiser features released with Clarisse 3.6 SP1!

When: Thursday, April 12th at 6pm (GMT+1) / 9 am (PST)

Where: Youtube

What’s new in our learning hub?


Understanding Displacements in Clarisse 3.6

Check out this new tutorial and learn everything there is to know about displacement in Clarisse 3.6!

Displacement Tessellation Modes

Discover the differences between Uniform and Adaptive Tessellation modes in Clarisse.

Clarisse Freelancer Database

Earlier this year, we launched our Clarisse Freelance Database which is a great opportunity to bring together freelancers and studios which are looking for Artists with Clarisse skills and experience. If you’re using Clarisse and if you’re doing some freelancing work, you definitely need to complete your “Freelancer Form” now available in your “Account Menu”!