Clarisse 3.6 SP7 is out!

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December 20th, 2018

Christmas is coming and so is our latest update of Clarisse iFX! We’re thrilled to release Clarisse 3.6 SP7!

This new update brings you the Disney Principled Shader, directly implemented in Clarisse! This widely used material offers an artist-friendly set of parameters. But that’s not all! Clarisse's implementation allows for an efficient PBR Metallic workflow to use in conjunction with Substance Painter.

Want to learn more? Watch our dedicated tutorial and learn all about its functionalities and custom additions we've added to make it a fully featured alternative to the Clarisse Standard material!

Beside the all new Disney Principled Shader, you will find quite a few improvements such as copy with dependencies and export context with dependencies features, improvements to instance color and texture Utility nodes and an improved point cloud support in the alembic exporter along with many bug fixes!

Find the complete release note here.

Have you listed Clarisse iFX on your Xmas wish list? Then, don't miss out! 

Happy Holidays! 

The Isotropix Team wishes you all a very Happy Holiday Season! So that you all know our offices will be closed from December 25th to January 1st included. See you next year Clarisse folks!