Clarisse iFX: amazing new pricing and offers!

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November 29th, 2013

Clarisse iFX new offers and pricing

Clarisse for Freelancers!

We're super happy to introduce a special node-locked license of Clarisse iFX for Freelancers with no software limitation whatsoever at the amazing price of $999/€849!

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New Node Locked Licensing!

Recommended for 5 or less users, node locked licenses grant you access to fully featured Clarisse iFX licenses on dedicated machines. Node Locked licenses start at $1499/€1299!

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New Floating License Pricing!

Clarisse Floating license pricing has been adjusted and now starts at $2399/€1999!

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No! We didn't forget about your farm!

CRender a new offer for your farm.

Designed for small to mid-sized studios, CRender is a new command line application packaging Clarisse rendering engine. Relying on a special render archive format, CRender sole job is to render images. CRender is available at $459/€399.

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Special Clarisse iFX + CRender bundles!

Purchase 1 Clarisse iFX + 5 CRender bundles at super competitive prices starting at $1999/€1699.

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New CNode pricing!

Recommended for mid-sized to large studios, CNode is Clarisse without its graphical user interface. It directly reads Clarisse projects and can be used to render images amongst many other useful things for your pipeline. We're sure you'll be happy to hear we've reduced its price. CNode is now available at $879/€749 instead of $999/€849!!

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Clarisse iFX, CNode and CRender are immediately available from our online store and our exclusive partners.