Clarisse iFX in the heart of the Stadium!

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May 26th, 2014

Adidas Brazuca, Clarisse: in the heart of the Stadium! 

Since 2012, Isotropix has built up strong relationships with world leading studios using real production data which brought Clarisse to a next level.


At the same time and thanks to these great collaboration, a Swedish studio, STOPP/FAMILY, directly benefited from these unique technologies to release a great project for Adidas sponsoring the upcoming FIFA World Cup. The team turned to Clarisse iFX in order to handle the large crowd datasets required to fill out a 90,000 seat arena. They created a large variation of animated behavior and put everything together in Clarisse iFX. 

FXguide took the opportunity to write an article on the making of this interactive project that helped launch Adidas' 2014 FIFA World Cup match ball and broke down the process - step-by-step - with visual effects supervisor Arvid Björn.


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Isotropix popped up in the ZED studio. 

HP ZED Paris - free event - 7-11 April 2014 - for 3D artists and animators 

HP ZED organized a special 'pop-up studio' in Paris and created an ephemeral space for 3D and visual effects community thrilled by a series of talks from some of the leading lights in the industry. The ZED event was an opportunity to show how Clarisse changes the game by presenting some of the exciting features and functionalities of the upcoming 2.0 which are already available for our maintenance subscribers.

While Clarisse iFX is currently on version 1.6, CEO Sam Assadian and render technical director Yann Couderc were interviewed last month by CreativeBloq in the preparation of the free event HP ZED in. They answered several questions about use cases for the software and the latest. It was a good opportunity to know more about how artists tend to use Clarisse, where does it particularly shine and what's been added to Clarisse in 2014.

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Insight into Clarisse: learn how to create complex sci-fi structures using a simple suit of 3D tools. 

Clarisse iFX tech Evangelist Rainer Duda wrote a detailed article on how to build detailed and complex structures with Clarisse iFX. It will be released by the end of May in the last 3DArtist magazine release. The main aim of this tutorial is to use Clarisse iFX to build detailed structures within a reasonable timeframe with only a moderate amount of work.

An excellent article was also published in the May issue of Digital Production Magazine: Build gigantic worlds by yourself. Loose your awe of detailed sceneries with Clarisse iFX.

In the coming months, new tips and tricks on Clarisse iFX will also appear in brand new tutorials cmiVFX and Rainer have been working on these last few weeks.