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December 21st, 2017


We’re thrilled to unveil today our new competitive pricing and offers for our flagship products: Clarisse and CNode!

As the Clarisse Community is getting stronger and stronger, our top priority is to make it easier and more affordable for you to deploy Clarisse and CNode in your pipeline!  Focused on your everyday needs, we wanted to make sure you’ll find the best pricing options that suit your budget and project requirements! That’s why we’ve simplified our offers and adapted our pricing to make sure we provide you with the greatest options and services.

Here’s all you need to know about our brand new flexible offers and rental options!

New Clarisse and CNode Pricing

Clarisse’s floating licence is now being offered at $2899/2599€ per seat while CNode License pricing has been dropped down to the competitive price of $899/799€.

Starting today, we've decided to discontinue CRender and provide you only with CNode which is much more powerful. Bug fixes, patches, and service packs for CRender will only be released until the next major version of Clarisse. After this date, CRender will no longer be actively supported by our engineering team. No worries for those of you who have an active CRender license, our sales team will contact you individually and you will be granted with a competitive CRender to CNode migration Offer!  

Learn more about Clarisse & CNode new pricing. 


Christmas sale! Save over 30 % on your Clarisse for Indies* license, for a limited time only!

As a good news never come single handed, along with the launch of our new pricing and offers comes our big sale on Clarisse for Indies! Solo artists, one-man teams, indies: this offer is made for you!

Don’t miss the chance to save up more than 30% off on your Clarisse for Indies license! Enjoy Clarisse latest features without any limitation and get your permanent and fully featured license plus 12-months maintenance at only $699/599€**! This special offer is available through our online store and authorized resellers until January 8th. Solo artists, make sure you don’t miss out!

Get your Clarisse for Indies license and learn more about our special offer here.

* Clarisse first license now becomes Clarisse for Indies

** Offer limited to one purchase per customer. 

New Education Pricing

But that’s not all! We’re also happy to introduce a new affordable pricing for Clarisse Education License! Indeed, Clarisse for students is now offered at $59/49€ while Clarisse for teachers now costs only $149/129€. These major discounted offers are dedicated to eligible institutions and individuals and exclude the right to use our software for any commercial or for-profit purposes.

Learn more about our Education Policy

New flexible and budget friendly rental options

You need Clarisse or CNode for a few days, months or a full year? Our new rental options and friendly pricing will offer you greater flexibility in your projects and plannings!

Clarisse monthly rental costs are now $389/349€ and $959/859€ for quarterly rentals. CNode short term rental prices have also significantly dropped down, the one-week rental starts now at $39/35€. We also introduce 1-year rental CNode discounted packs including volume discounts, starting from $499/449€ per year.

In order to take full advantage of our development effort and support, all our rental offers include the maintenance subscription which provides you with updates, bug fixes, optimizations, new features and dedicated support during the whole duration of your rental term!

Learn more about our new rental offers.

Clarisse’s new pricing and rental offers are availaible now on our online store and throughout our authorized resellers.

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