Cyber Monday Sale: save 40% on Clarisse!

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November 26th, 2018

Cyber Monday: save 40% on Clarisse!

Afraid you missed our insane Black Friday Sale? Fear not! You can still enjoy our Cyber Monday Sale! Today is your last chance to get your Clarisse iFX Indie license at the amazing price of $599/539€! 40% off: that’s a deal!

As good news never comes single handed, along with your purchased license, you’ll get direct access to a year’s worth of updates and key benefits, including our new upcoming major version, Clarisse 4.0, our biggest release ever, for FREE! And, yes! You read it right: for FREE!

Our sale is running until Monday midnight (UTC-10)! Enjoy!  


- Cyber Monday Sale will be available through our online store and our authorized resellers.

Terms and conditions   

- Reduced price applicable for Clarisse for Indies License only.

- Offer limited to one purchase per customer.

- Maintenance is included for the first year with your purchased license.

- Fair-use for two computers is included with the purchase.

Clarisse at Raynault VFX

Still wondering how Clarisse can change your workflow? Still hesitating on adopting Clarisse? Then stop! Watch our latest video and discover how, just like Raynault VFX you’ll be able to deliver world-class quality shots in no time using Clarisse iFX!