FMX 2017: Catch-up with Clarisse 3.5!

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May 29th, 2017

Earlier this month we were in Stuttgart for FMX and this year again, we had a blast! This FMX edition was outstanding! We’d like to say a huge thank you to all for joining our presentations and visiting our booth! We hoped you had a great experience as much as we had! Here’s a short recap on what we’ve been up to!

This year, not only we had the chance to meet up with talented and passionate artists from our industry, partners and long-time friends but we also unveiled Clarisse next major version!  

Clarisse 3.5 is bringing significant improvements and its share of exciting new features focused on set dressing, scene assembly, look development, lighting, rendering as well as major workflow enhancements.

You could not make it to this year show but you’re dying to see an exclusive preview of the upcoming 3.5? Good news!  We’ve recorded almost all of our FMX talks!

Catch-up with our video recordings and run through all the top new features introduced with Clarisse 3.5 including game-changing features such as the new particle & property paint, the new light Path Expressions (LPE), the new Standard PBR Material as well as the awesome Cryptomatte integration.

Clarisse 3.5 for photorealistic Lookdev, Lighting and rendering

Discover all the new exciting look development, lighting and rendering features in Clarisse 3.5.

Clarisse 3.5 for set dressing and life-like environment creation

Discover a new revolutionary workflow for set dressing and creating environments using Clarisse 3.5.

Clarisse 3.5 for high-end VFX compositing

Get everything you need out of Clarisse 3.5 for VFX compositing using all new light path expressions, Cryptomatte output and more.

Case study: creating a massive crowd of animated characters

Learn how to populate your environments with massive animated crowds using Clarisse 3.5.

Case study: creating and blowing a high-end futuristic city

Learn how to easily create a complex futuristic city before blowing it up using Clarisse 3.5!

While awaiting for Clarisse 3.5 official release, scheduled shortly, find out more about its stunning features set at:

But that’s not all! We’re thrilled to share with you videos of our awesome guest speaker's presentations featuring exclusive behind the scene look at how they are using Clarisse in production!

Where there is a sea there are pirates

ILP has always prided themselves with trying out new things and challenging how they work, whether it involves pipeline, workflow or software used for production. This presentation covers their first experience of Clarisse in production. Instead of easing in the transition with a smaller project they decided to jump straight into the deep end, using it to render the 161 shots they produced for season 4 of Black Sails.

From small task to extreme digital environments - How Clarisse has changed MediaMonks' pipeline

Vincent van der Klaauw is a Senior Environment and Matte Painting Artist, in this presentation, he talked about his recent experience making a 360 video for Nissan using Clarisse. Lately, MediaMonks has created a full CG experience. Vincent focused on how they've created three different digital landscapes. Besides this project he explained how Clarisse has changed their pipeline to make it more efficient.