GDC 2019 and lots of great news!

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February 13th, 2019

Is it February already?! You know that we’ve been pretty busy with the recent release of 4.0 but we have more to share with you!

First off, come meet the Isotropix team at GDC 2019 and see the latest with Clarisse iFX. For those of you freelancers and indie artists, we are super happy to tell you that we released a new 1-year license of Clarisse iFX AND dropped CNode prices making our solution one of the most cost-effective available! We also want to congratulate all of the nominees and winners of the VES 2019 Awards, you have all done incredible work in 2018 and we can’t wait to see what you’ll produce this year! Lastly, the community has spoken. We now have an unofficial Clarisse Discord channel and some more exciting news from the community to share with you!

Isotropix @GDC 2019

We're super excited to exhibit at this year’s GDC 2019! From March 20th to March 22th, find us on the show floor at Booth N2903. We will be providing live demos of the latest and greatest in Clarisse iFX 4.0! Don’t miss our 1-hour session with our amazing guest speaker, concept artist Jeff Bartzis, who will explain how and why Clarisse quickly became a central part of his workflow.
When: March 21, 2019 4-5pm
Where: GDC 2019, Room 2000
More info

1-year Clarisse iFX for Indies

With so many new things to announce last month, we didn’t get to focus on one particularly exciting new deal. As you probably already know, Clarisse iFX can be used by anyone from freelancers to large studios. This year, we have launched special pricing for all of our Indie artists out there. You can now get a 1-year Indie license including maintenance for only $499! More info

Best value ever for Indies!

Are you ready to push your creative boundaries? Did you know that you could have Houdini + Substance Painter + Clarisse iFX all for under $1000 per-year?! Best of all, we already have tons of learning materials available on our learning hub, showcasing how these 3 packages can seamlessly work together.


CNode revised pricing and 1-year packs

We have dropped the price for permanent CNode licenses drastically, from $899 to $549 (!) making CNode one of the most affordable and cost-effective high-end rendering solutions on the market! Volume discounts are available depending on the number of licenses purchased. We also dropped the price of 1-year licenses of CNode from $499 to $349, and introduced highly discounted 1-year packs of 5, 25 and 100 CNode on which a single 1-year license of CNode can cost you as low as $209! Wow!

From the Community

VES 2019 Awards

What an exciting year it has been! To all the nominees and winners, we applaud the work you have done. A very special thanks for our clients DNEG, ILM, ILP, Scanline VFX, Method Studios, Rodeo FX, Fuse FX, Raynault VFX and WETA for your contributions to the industry and your continued creativity.

Clarisse Discord Server!

We are super excited to now have an unofficial Clarisse Discord server! Come and join the community to interact with Clarisse users. This place is a great opportunity to share your work, learn tips and tricks, chat as well as connect with the Isotropix team. Indeed, it is quite popular over there so don't be surprised if you meet some of our team members online! Join now

Maya to Clarisse Bridge

Check out the work of Muhammad Etmans showcasing a Maya to Clarisse iFX bridge tool which allows you to export Maya scenes and lookdev directly to Clarisse iFX! Pretty exciting stuff! More info

Clarisse/Shotgun Integration

Using Shotgun? Check this out! Clarisse has now integrated into Shotgun thanks to the great work of Diego Huerta that has open-sourced his Shotgun Toolkit Engine for Clarisse iFX project! We are sure you are going to love it! More info