Happy 2021 from Isotropix!

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January 27th, 2021

We wish you a happy 2021! This year is going to be amazing with the release of Clarisse 5, more news on Angie and some upcoming surprises! Before looking forward to what's to come, we would like to take you back to this past year, which was full of challenges, new content but mostly, lots of Clarisse!

2020 Retrospective

Clarisse, a look into 2020! 

In 2020, we released 20 service packs throughout the year for a grand total of 81 new features and 152 bug fixes! That's an average of 6 new features and 12 bug fixes every month! Our development team has been kept very busy!

  Clarisse 4.0 Olympus
Service Packs 12 8
New Features  32 49
Bug Fixes 84 68


#MadeWithClarisseUnfortunately many theatrical releases were postponed to a further date due to Covid-19, but here are some of the fantastic projects #MadeWithClarisse released last year: Greyhound, Tenet, Mulan, The Mandalorian, The New Mutants, Locke & Key and many more. The work done by our customers in 2020 was amazing as always! Congratulations!  

This year was a challenge as we all had to face the global pandemic: no more trips to visit studios, no more user groups and no more events! To adapt to this unprecedented situation, we started to go full digital and offer you more content on our Website, Social Media and Youtube channel

We were lucky to film ILM on site right before the pandemic, and released an exclusive behind the scenes on Star Wars: the rise of Skywalker. We also had the chance to sit down with Momentum Studio to see their work on Age of Uskoksas well as Recom Blacksmith and discuss the use of Clarisse in the Automotive Advertising Industry.  Finally, we featured 7 Artists Focus on super talented artists: David Ratajczak, Jeff Bartzis, Benjamin Bardou, Mathew Borrett, Aron Kamolz, Pozons Huang and Einar Martinsen! Make sure to check them out if you missed out.

A year of videos! 

2020 was the start of our written and video Wrap-Ups, which are our monthly news! We also aired 3 Isotropix Live, published 16 tutorials that you can find on tutorials.isotropix.com, including A Beginner's Journey with Clarisse iFX aimed at new users wanting to learn Clarisse! 

A new tutorial is out! 

To start 2021 on a good note, we released a new tutorial on baking materials into efficient textures! It is available on tutorials.isotropix.com. In this tutorial you will learn a technique that will help you optimize your materials, make your look dev transportable and more importantly, speed up your render times! You will see how to set up the baking process, and how to rebuild the look using those very same baked maps! Go check it out! 


As always, a shout out to the original, creative and passionate artists! Here is a selection of their work #MadeWithClarisse we shared across our social media this year! Here is our pick for 2020! 

Dumindu Hearth   Ahmed Khaled
Dumindu Hearth   Ahmed Khaled
Robin Konieczny   Mathew Borrett
Robin Konieczny   Mathew Borrett
Jeff Bartzis   Pozong Huang
Jeff Bartzis   Pozong Huang