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February 12th, 2018

Behind the scenes: Blade Runner 2049 at DNEG

To celebrate its 2018 VFX Academy Award and VES nominations, we’re excited to bring you an exclusive glimpse into DNEG’s fantastic work on Blade Runner 2049.

Discover how some of the film’s most memorable scenes were created, learn how the futuristic and devastated world of Blade Runner 2049 was brought to life using Clarisse as Rhys Salcombe, CG Supervisor @ DNEG, takes us through the many challenges DNEG faced 35 years later while crafting the breathtaking sequel to Ridley Scott's iconic sci-fi masterpiece!

Clarisse Webinar: Join us live & discover the awesome 3.6!

Join Isotropix’s CEO Sam Assadian and Lead Technical Artist Greg Jennings, for a walkthrough of the latest Clarisse 3.6 features ! Discover the all new Clarisse 3.6 in action as Greg guides you through each new feature, sharing tips and tricks and demonstrating how to use Clarisse's powerful workflow!

Watch our short recap and see what's coming your way!

When: February 15, 6 pm (GMT+1) / 9 am (PST)

Where:  YouTube

Check out our website for more info about our very first webinar!  

What’s new in our Learning Hub?

Sticky Particle Paint

Learn how to keep painted particles stuck to a modified support geometry in Clarisse.

How to Create a Physical Sky in Clarisse

Discover how to create a physical sky with a volume material in Clarisse! 

What’s still hot this month?!

New Watermark-free PLE

Earlier this year, we released Clarisse 3.6 and its awesome new features including our new watermark-free PLE policy! It’s simple, as long as you are using Clarisse for non-commercial purposes, you can now save watermark-free renders of your work directly out of the PLE! Watch our short tutorial and learn how to save watermark-free renders of your work!

Clarisse Freelancer Database

For those who’ve missed out, a few months ago, we launched our Clarisse Freelance Database! As there is a growing demand for Clarisse freelancers, we thought that you could be interested in joining studios which are looking for Artists with Clarisse skills. If you’re using Clarisse and if you’re doing some freelancing work, you definitely need to complete your “Freelancer Form” now available in your “Account Menu”!