Isotropix July 2020 Newsletter

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July 7th, 2020

Join Isotropix Wednesday, July 15th at 10am PDT for another fun and informative webinar! We will show you how a solo artist using Clarisse can easily do the work of an entire team. We will conduct our first web customer story with Momentum Studio in Croatia this month. Both Kristijan Mrsic, owner and VFX Supervisor, and Aleks Katunar, TD and Environment Artist Lead at Momentum Studio will share the fantastic work they've created for the newest HTV documentary-drama series: The Age of Uskoks. This month, we also have released a new Artist Focus on Benjamin Bardou: a super talented artist creating beautiful imagery with Clarisse. Finally we are very happy to announce the release of Clarisse iFX 4.0 SP8. Make sure to update to the latest version!


Clarisse iFX Webinar: The Tool of a One-Man Army

We are hosting another webinar! This time we will show you how Clarisse can empower solo-artists to do the work of a full team! Eric, our very own Technical Artist, will take you through building a template scene using raw photogrammetry and trees generated by Speedtree that enable you to build an incredibly dense and organic scene in about 15 minutes, only using out of the box tools! Kristijan Mrsic and Aleks Katunar from Momentum Studio in Croatia will then join us to present his work on The Age of Uskoks. Find out why they chose Clarisse iFX and how they used it to create the detailed environments in this just-released HTV documentary-drama series.

One lucky winner will get a one-year indie license of Clarisse iFX! In order to enter your name for the raffle just register now.



Replay: May the Fourth Webinar

In case you missed our last webinar, don't worry, it's available on our YouTube channel! You can still check out the presentations from Sam and Eric, organized into chapters for your viewing pleasure! There’s something for everyone with beginners' demos of Clarisse iFX and Clarisse BUiLDER, a presentation of the Future of Clarisse and even a prototype of an integration of Redshift renderer to Clarisse! You’ll even see some incredible breakdowns from Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker so grab your popcorn and watch here


Clarisse iFX 4.0 SP8!

Another new release of Clarisse iFX 4.0 SP8! In this release, you will find some improved textures, refined workflow and quite a few bug fixes. Make sure to update to the latest version here!


Artist Focus: Benjamin Bardou

For years now Benjamin Bardou has been mesmerizing us with dystopian cityscapes, literary and artistic references as well as seemingly bewitched walks through Paris, where he is based. In this interview, we take a closer look at his work, his inspiration and how Clarisse iFX helps him translate it all into digital content!


From The Community

A new Artstation #MadeWithClarisse selection from very talentous artists. Enjoy!

Usama Jameel   Victor Dufayard
Usama Jameel   Victor Dufayard
侘寂 わさび   Oleksiy Golovchenko
侘寂 わさび   Oleksiy Golovchenko
Zhilin Tang   Emilis Baltrusaiti
Zhilin Tang   Emilis Baltrusaitis