Isotropix September Newsletter

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September 21st, 2017

New Bug Tracker tool

We just released our new Bug Tracker tool !

Our purpose here is to provide more responsiveness from our development team and to enhance communication regarding the issues you may encounter while using Clarisse. The former forum section dedicated to bugs is now closed, but no worries, the existing topics are still accessible!

From now on, you may access the new bug tracker tool directly from your user account. Find more information here

Catch-up with our Siggraph 2017 video recordings! 

If you didn’t have the chance to join us for this last edition, feel free to watch the videos below to catch up with the presentations of our team introducing the new features and enhancements as well as our guest speakers sharing their experience with the software!

Isotropix Team presentations videos @ Siggraph 2017

Discover what Clarisse 3.5 has to offer through our team’s presentations! 

What's new in Clarisse 3.5?

From user interface, geometry, scattering, look dev, lighting and rendering to scene assembly, get an overview of all the new exciting features introduced in Clarisse 3.5!

Case Study: layout, volumes, explosions and crowd

In this case study, you'll see how you can set dress a complex city using scatterers, combiners, per instance collision detection to create realistic distribution of buildings.

Clarisse 3.5 for high-end VFX compositing

Get everything you need out of Clarisse 3.5 for VFX compositing using all new light path expressions, Cryptomatte output and more.

Clarisse 3.5 for photorealistic lookdev, lighting and rendering

Discover a new revolutionary workflow for set dressing and creating environments using Clarisse 3.5.

Clarisse 3.5 for set dressing and life-like environment creation

Get everything you need out of Clarisse 3.5 for VFX compositing using all new light path expressions, Cryptomatte output and more.

Our guests’ presentations

This year again we had the chance to welcome awesome guest speakers at Siggraph. Take a look at their presentations and discover how they’ve been using Clarisse!

Great Wall & Beyond: how Clarisse was implemented through out Base-FX VFX pipeline

Discover how Clarisse has been implemented into Base FX pipeline on productions such as Star Trek Beyond and The Great Wall.

Building shots for TV shows with Clarisse from a small studio perspective

Integrating Clarisse into an existing pipeline, and learning on-the-fly for The Librarians, American Gods, and The Strain. The presentation shows Clarisse, photogrammetry, and compositing software working together to build shots in a small studio.