Isotropix Team at Siggraph Asia 2015

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October 6th, 2015


Great news! We're going to Siggraph Asia for our very first time! But before heading to Kobe, we'll be in London on Thursday night for a special London ACM Siggraph Event! 

Isotropix team @Siggraph Asia 2015 

We're super thrilled to announce our presence @Siggraph Asia 2015! We will hold a two hours Talk Session on November 4, from 14:00 to 16:00.

Isotropix team speakers include Sam Assadian, CEO and Isotropix' Co-founder, and Yann Couderc, Clarisse Product Specialist @Isotropix. 

In addition, Eric Vezinet, Rendering Supervisor @Double Negative, will join us on stage to share his experience with Clarisse iFX in some of Dneg's most recent projects!

If you want to schedule a meeting with Isotropix team, feel free to drop an email at

More information will be available soon, stay tuned for more details!


Isotropix Team is looking forward to meeting you in Kobe!


London ACM Siggraph special event 

We're glad to be part of London ACM Siggraph upcoming event! On October 8, Sam Assadian, will give an exciting sneak peek and overview of Clarisse's current and future developments. Also presenting about Clarisse this night, Emmanuel Turquin, R&D Lead-Rendering @Double Negative.

More details and information are available here


Also, we're really thrilled to share with you two brand new customers' stories! Make sure to check out how Tippett Studio and Gameloft recently used Clarisse in production! 

Gameloft use of Clarisse on Siegefall trailer!

We recently had the chance to discuss with Pascal Beeckmans and Thomas Didier from Gameloft Montreal.

They shared with us some special insights on how Gameloft recently used Clarisse iFX to produce the trailer of their latest strategy game: Siegefall.

Check out the complete story and learn how Clarisse iFX powerful capabilities allowed Gameloft artists to manage complex fluid simulations. Plus, discover how Clarisse streamlined their workflow thanks to its intuitive referencing features!


Read the complete story now!


Massive environments in Clarisse @Tippett Studio

When it comes to dress and render environments for 180 degree dome rides, Clarisse's ability to handle massive amounts of geometry has made it a central tool for the entire production process at Tippett Studio. Alex Hessler, CG Supervisor at Tippett Studio, has kindly shared with us his experience with Clarisse on this immersive project.

Read our latest customer story and discover why Tippett Studio relied on Clarisse to create a 100% computer generated film for an immersive dome ride!

Read it!

You couldn't make it to Siggraph? You've missed Alex's Hessler presentation @Isotropix booth? No worries! Alex's presentation, is already available to watch on our YouTube Channel! Watch it now and learn all about Clarisse's use at Tippett!