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July 11th, 2019

Another busy month for Isotropix! We just released our third service pack packed with features, enhancements and bug fixes. Make sure to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Clarisse! As each year we’ll be at SIGGRAPH showing demos, for those attending we hope to see you there! We are also very excited about the all-new Quixel Bridge integration for Clarisse. You will be too if you’re using Megascan assets! Finally, we gathered quite a few exciting breakdowns about the work of our talented customers on some of your favorite recent movies and TV shows.

Clarisse iFX 4.0 SP3 is here!

Clarisse iFX 4.0 SP3 brings many new features, enhancements and bug fixes such as improved sampling and adaptive anti-aliasing, file referencing enhancements and improvements to the Alembic exporter. Check out the full release note. As always, this update is free for customers with active maintenance. If you need to renew your maintenance, you can do so very easily online from our website or by contacting us.

Isotropix @SIGGRAPH 2019

Come and visit us on AMD booth #1441 from Tuesday, July 30th, to Thursday, August 1st, to experience the incredible speed of Clarisse when powered by AMD Threadripper CPUs. Join NVIDIA booth #1313 to discover the newly released GPU acceleration in Clarisse or come to see us on Monday, July 29th, evening from 6:00 — 9:30 PM during the NVIDIA Limelight event that will be held at JW Mariott Hotel. Sébastien Guichou our CTO, will discuss GPU acceleration in Clarisse during his talk on NVIDIA booth #1313 on Wednesday, July 31st at 1 PM. More information is available on our NVIDIA website.

If you are looking at flexible and efficient ways to scale your rendering power, you should definitely pay a visit to Conductor booth #1003. Conductor will showing their new Clarisse integration, where artists can submit cloud renders from a familiar interface within Clarisse. This is the first of a new breed of client integrations at Conductor, and it is implemented as a custom class that lives inside the project. As such, it brings a number of benefits not seen in most submission tools. Visit the Conductor booth to learn more, and to see live demos of the integration.

Quixel Bridge in Clarisse

If you are a Megascans user then you are going to be super excited! The latest Quixel Bridge update offers a fully-fledged Live-Link for Clarisse. Yep, you read that right! Using Bridge 2019.2 you can now very easily bring assets into Clarisse. It’s actually so easy that assets are literally a click away!

VDB Clouds Kit

You all know how hard it can be to generate plausible clouds. Not only it takes a lot of time and effort but also it requires specific and complex software. This was the past. Thanks to this VDB Clouds Kit, you can now get over 80 photorealistic VDB clouds for only $25! It’s an insane value! If you are a concept artist, generalist or an environment artist, you should check this out immediately! The kit even comes with Clarisse project files to get you started in no time. It’s clearly a no-brainer! Find a free sample of this kit in Clarisse latest content on

From The Community

Unofficial Discord Server

Haven’t you joined the unofficial Clarisse Discord server yet?! Come and join the community to interact with Clarisse users in real time. This place is a great opportunity to get live help, learn tips and tricks, share your work, chat, laugh and connect with the Isotropix team. So what are you waiting for? Join now!


Check out some great breakdowns and interviews of our talented clients discussing their work on Game of Thrones, Man in the High Castle, Chernobyl, Catch-22 and Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

In this article Scanline VFX, explains how they used photogrammetry in Clarisse for their work on the last season of Game of Thrones.

DNEGTV really did an amazing job on the visual effects of the excellent show Chernobyl. To achieve such a photoreal look, they had to rely heavily on photogrammetry. As a result, the power plant set alone was made of 11 trillion polygons! Another great example of the complexity Clarisse can handle. Learn also how Clarisse helped DNEGTV team for their work on Catch-22

In Godzilla: King of the Monsters, DNEG had to do extensive 3D builds of the famous Washington landmark places such as the Capitol Building, the Washington Monument and Jefferson Building. Check out their work on FXGUIDE

Finally, in this last article learn how DNEG used Substance and Clarisse to achieve the photoreal imagery in Oscar winning First Man. If you plan to use Substance Painter with Clarisse here is a mini tutorial explaining how easy and seamless it is to use the two software together.

ArtStation Shout-Outs

It’s always exciting to see all the great work you guys are creating! Here are some of the latest work we’re sharing for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Victor Dufayard   Hugo Fredoueil
Robin Konieczny   Maciej Jutrzenka


Have a great summer! Hoping to see you at SIGGRAPH!