Join us in Los Angeles for a night of Clarisse iFX!

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September 27th, 2018

Join us on October 3rd for a night of Clarisse iFX as we’ll host an exclusive User Group Meeting in LA!

Come and meet other local Clarisse users, learn about the latest features in version 4.0 and see how Clarisse is used in production by VFX studios DNEGTV and Barnstorm VFX!

Whether you are a Clarisse fan, a new user or a future adopter, this will be an amazing opportunity to meet up with the Isotropix Los Angeles Team and the Clarisse community to discuss and share experiences as well as killer tips and tricks!

We'll finish off with drinks and as good news never comes single-handed, one lucky attendee will take home a full license of Clarisse! But, that's not all! Our partner AMD will also be giving away a Threadripper CPU!

Don't miss out and get a ticket and RSVP now! We look forward to seeing you there!


What’s new in our Learning Hub?

Our collection of tutorials is growing fast! Whether you are a new user looking for basics or a confirmed user looking for the most advanced techniques, check out our latest tutorials to refine your skills and stay up to date with Clarisse’s best tips & tricks!


Houdini VDB integration into Clarisse Pt1

Clarisse handles VDBs extremely well, in this tutorial learn how to produce a VDB asset to use as a campfire asset.


Houdini VDB integration into Clarisse Pt2

Now that you've produced a VDB asset to use as a campfire asset, learn how to integrate that into Clarisse!


Generate Houdini Wires with Clarisse Point Clouds

Learn how to create and drive a Houdini Wire generator from Clarisse painted particles.


How To Bake Textures

Learn how to bake and reuse multiple texture channels, using the 3d layer bake mode and AOVs.