March Newsletter: Wrap-Up

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March 28th, 2022

We have lots of exciting news to share with you this awards season. So, let’s take a look at what’s going on at Isotropix this time of year. 

Oscar Winners #MadeWithClarisse

This year’s Academy Award for ‘Best Visual Effects’ goes to 'Dune'! A major congratulations is in order for the incredible team at DNEG, whose work helped bring Denis Villeneuve’s immersive vision to life using Clarisse as an integral part of their pipeline for both content creation and rendering. This wasn't the only film made with Clarisse that took home an award. Congratulations to the team at Disney for their work on the spectacular 'Encanto', which won 'Best Animated Feature Film'. Outstanding work to both teams! If you haven’t already, learn how DNEG used Clarisse in the making of Dune, with our Behind the Scenes of Dune customer stories.

VES & BAFTA Winners #MadeWithClarisse

With awards season upon us, there’s also plenty more films made with Clarisse to celebrate! Congratulations to all of the incredible teams honored at this year’s BAFTA and VES Awards. Another congratulations to Disney for their work on ‘Encanto’, winner of both the 2022 BAFTA for ‘Animated Film’ and the 20th Annual VES Award for ‘Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Feature’. And once again, congartulations to the team at DNEG for their awe-inspiring work on ‘Dune’ and ‘Last Night in Soho’, winners of the 2022 BAFTA ‘Special Visual Effects’ award, the VES ‘Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature’ and ‘Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature’ awards. Amazing work to all!

‘Behind The Magic’ with Jonas Ruiz

Our most recent episode of ‘Behind The Magic’ featured Jonas Ruiz, an incredibly talented Environment Generalist at DistilleryVFX. In this episode, Jonas tells us about how he got started in VFX (thanks to Clarisse), walks us through some of his work, sharing Clarisse tips, tricks and the techniques he used throughout the making of some of our favorite projects. Including 'Trench Run', 'Geländewagen’, and ‘Berner Altstadt’. If you missed out on our new episode, you can watch again here.

‘Artist Focus’ Interview with Corey Bastiaans

In this interview, epic CG Artist Corey Bastiaans of FuseFX gives us a closer look at his personal projects made with Clarisse. Corey has a knack for fan-favorite film series recreations, including classic scenes from cult-hits such as Star Trek, Transformers, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Transformers, Dune, Ghostbusters, The Matrix, Mad Max, The Terminator, and many more. In his ‘Artist Focus’ interview, Corey describes his workflow in Clarisse, his favorite features, and shares why he choses Clarisse time and again for creating his projects. If you haven’t already, you can read Corey’s ‘Artist Focus’ and learn more about his work here.

GTC 2022 Panel

This month, Isotropix made an appearance at the developer conference of the year, Nvidia’s GTC22. Our Co-founder and CTO Sebastien Guichou joined industry leaders from Autodesk, OTOY, and Maxon, to discuss the future of GPU ray tracing. Watch it again to hear what we have to say on this hot topic.

Clarisse 5 SP8

Clarisse 5 SP8 has been released with many new features, enhancements and bug fixes! Enjoy the newly added and improved USD Skel support, 3D view light displays, rough dielectric, reflection and iridescent materials. Rendering has never been easier in Clarisse! 

But, we aren’t the only ones to bring new updates to you. Yeti 4.1.3 has been released by Peregrine Labs, updated to include support for Clarisse 5.0 SP 7b. You can check out updates to Yeti in their Support Portal here, and read more about Clarisse 5 SP 8 in the release notes. Make sure to download the latest releases from your Download Area!

Digic Pictures Testimonial

"We chose Clarisse for look development and rendering of large scale landscapes on the Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Cinematic World Premiere Trailer because it allowed us to work extremely quickly, iterating on creative ideas and delivering film-quality results on a tight deadline." - Tibor Nádas, Lead Matte Painter at DIGIC Pictures 

From The Community

Enjoy our latest Artstation #MadeWithClarisse selection from very talented artists.

Alessandro Mancini   Irena Šmitáková
Yunus Emre Geldi   David Escalante
Germán Casado Fraga   Khaled Elmeligy