May the Fifth be with you!

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May 5th, 2021

Clarisse 5 is out!

Clarisse 5 is out! Yes, the title is no joke!  You'll find that we have been very very busy, Clarisse 5 is packed with over 100 new features and improvements! 

If you missed the news, we've just unveiled the IMMEDIATE release of Clarisse 5 during our keynote celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Isotropix. Make sure to watch the video! In this release, we focused on making Clarisse easier, better, faster and more open than ever. There are tons of improvements in the following 5 major areas: set dressing, look development, lighting, rendering and workflow. And since good news never comes alone, we also bring to you amazing new competitive offers as well as a Clarisse 5 Personal Learning Edition (PLE)!

Go check out all the goodies of Clarisse 5 on


Clarisse 5 is immediately available to purchase through our online store and authorized resellers. If you are under active maintenance, you are eligible for a free upgrade and should receive an automatic email notification including your updated license file within the next 48 hours.

If you are your maintenance  expired, you can still update to the latest version. Check out your account for more information. 

Clarisse 5 Personal Learning Edition

Discover all the new features of Clarisse 5 in the latest version of Clarisse PLE! As always, it is free. Dowload it now and learn all the latest and greatest features of Clarisse iFX or Clarisse BUiLDER. Yes you read that right! You can now run Clarisse BUiLDER using the PLE!


New pricing and offers

With the release of Clarisse 5 and our 10 year anniversary, we are super excited to introduce whole new pricing and special offers! You' re gonna love them! 

Special Indie offers

If you are an indie, you are gonna be super excited! We introduce a 30-day license of Clarisse iFX at $59! A 30-day license of CNode at $33! But wait there is more.. you can now get a pack of FIVE 1-year CNode for just $599! These offers are all rentals. They are super flexible. They do not require special subscription commitment terms or any automatic renewals. But wait! There is even more!!! We also updated our policy for Clarisse indie licenses: starting from Clarisse 5, you can now run CNode on your machine using your Indie License of Clarisse! Yes, this year Christmas comes in early!

More information on

Special Studio offers

If you work in a studio, you are gonna be excited! This is the best of time to adopt Clarisse or ramp up your number of licenses! Until the end of this year, for your next order only, we are bundling 10 free 1-year CNode licenses with each purchase of a Clarisse license!! We also offer a 50% and 25% discount on the renewal price of these CNodes the first and second year respectively. This sounds crazy! Find out all the information and conditions on

If you are thinking to adopt Clarisse BUiLDER, then you' ll be happy to hear that we lowered the pricing for Clarisse BUiLDER starting now at $3,999 for 1-year licenses and $6,599 for permanent ones, both including 1 year of maintenance.

May The Fifth Be With You!