May the Fourth and Clarisse Be With You!

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April 24th, 2020

We miss you guys and hope everyone is continuing to stay sane as we try to get through this together. The pandemic is affecting us all greatly and as much as we would like to visit you in person, we are bringing Isotropix to your home office instead! So let's stay connected as a community and join us live on YouTube on May 4th and 10 am PDT/6 pm BST to have some fun and keep the creativity flowing!

Youtube Video

During the webinar, Eric, one of our Technical Artists, will create a beautiful scene from scratch in Clarisse iFX! In his tutorial, you'll learn many tips and tricks whether you are an expert or a new user that just started with Clarisse. Eric will then show you the power of the Clarisse BUiLDER sequence lighting workflow on an animated feature style project. Sam, our CEO, will present some of the exciting things our R&D team is currently developing. We will discuss some of the really cool features that are coming down the line and a special project Sam has been working on. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it!

Three lucky winners will get a one-year indie license of Clarisse iFX! In order to enter your name for the raffle just register now.


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You there we shall see!