Summer is just over and we're already back on track!

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September 6th, 2016

Summer is over and we’re already back on track!  
Read our latest newsletter and find out what we were up to this summer! 

Discover Clarisse's first product video! 

We're thrilled to share with you Clarisse first product video! We've asked our customers what Clarisse really is and how Clarisse’s workflow changed their daily routine. Because here at Isotropix we truly think that the best answers come from our users!

From Double Negative to Industrial Light and Magic or Tippett Studio, discover what our fantastic customers have to say about Clarisse!

Catch up with our Siggraph presentations!

For those who’ve missed Siggraph, great news: we've recorded our booth presentations! 

But that's not all! Throughout the exhibition, exceptional guest speakers have joined us to share their experience with Clarisse in some of their most recent projects! And here are the recordings of their presentations!

Guest speakers presentations @Isotropix's booth

Clarisse at DnegTV.
With Mark Pascoe, Head of 3D at DnegTV.
Stadium Crowd: 5 to 50,000 with Clarisse. 
With Jason Starne, Applications Specialist at Cinesys-Oceana.
Grow an environment team with Clarisse at Base-FX.
With T.Lo, Environment Supervisor at Base-FX.
Dreams of China through Clarisse. 
With Howard Campbell-Miller, Senior Lighter & Pipeline Developer at Tippett Studio. 

Isotropix Team Presentations videos @Siggraph 2016 

Check out our presentations covering Clarisse 3.0 new features and enhancements and learn all about the most significant update of Clarisse ever released! 

Introduction to Clarisse

Photorealistic Rendering

3D Matte Painting 

Integrated FX 

Procedural Landscape Creation

File Referencing

Clarisse gets into VR

Clarisse 3.0 was released just a few weeks ago but we've already made some cool add-ons to our brand new major version!

Indeed, we’ve added the support for stereoscopic rendering for the panoramic camera! Thanks to this new feature, you can now render your amazing environments and visualize them with any VR headsets available in the market.

Find out all about Clarisse 3.0 features and advancements here