We're back @FMX!

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April 8th, 2016

We're back @FMX!

FMX 2016 is almost here and we are super thrilled to be a part of this upcoming edition! Join us in Stuttgart from April 26 to April 27 and meet the Isotropix team, room "Ulm".

For two days, visit our company suite and discover Clarisse revolutionary workflow! From scene assembly and look development to lighting and rendering, learn why more and more world leading studios are adopting Clarisse as the tool of choice for their VFX! Drop by and enjoy presentations covering Clarisse's latest features and what's to come!

In addition, exceptional guest speakers will join us to share their experience with Clarisse iFX in their most recent projects! Don't miss the opportunity to dive into the world of some of the best artists of the Industry who use Clarisse in production every day!

We're thrilled to announce the presence of the following professionals in our company suite!

  • Florian Bruchhauser, CTO @Liga01 Computerfilm, www.liga01.de
  • Mark Pascoe, Head of 3D @DnegTV, www.dneg.com
  • Susumu Yukuhiro, Environment Supervisor @Industrial Light & Magic, www.ilm.com

Schedule a meeting

If you would like to arrange a meeting with the Isotropix sales team and discuss how Clarisse can help you to greatly boost your productivity and streamline your pipeline, feel free to drop an email @: sales (at) isotropix.com

We're looking forward to meeting you all! Make sure you drop by and say hello!

Complete schedule and more details will be available soon. Stay tuned!

Clarisse Workshop in Paris

April will be packed for the Isotropix team! Check out our other upcoming events and don't miss the opportunity to discover Clarisse around the globe!

On April 11, we will be in Paris to introduce Clarisse in the Capital city! We will hold our very first workshop with the great help of Paris ACM Siggraph at ESGI. Houman Assadian, Sales Director @Isotropix, will introduce Isotropix & Clarisse. Halim Negadi, Technical Artist - Clarisse Specialist @Isotropix will be presenting Clarisse latest features and innovative workflow that aim to streamline production pipeline.

Don't miss out on getting a ticket, places are limited!

To register for the event, click: here

Clarisse iFX to be showcase at NAB SHOW by our reseller Cinesys

Our reseller CineSys-Oceana will be at NAB Show from April 16 to April 21 and will be showcasing Clarisse! If you're going to be at NAB, make sure to have a private demo of Clarisse latest features.

More info to request a demonstration is available here: http://cinesysoceana.com/NAB2016/

Isotropix Blog

For those who may have missed it, we've launched the Isotropix Blog! Our blog will be the perfect place to learn pro tips & tricks related to Clarisse from Isotropix' Clarisse specialists: Yann Couderc and Halim Negadi!

Check out Isotropix blog @: blog.isotropix.net