Isotropix announces a major online event on May 5

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Press Release
May 2nd, 2021

MONTPELLIER, FRANCE, May 3rd, 2021 – Isotropix, a privately held software company developing high-end innovative graphics software, announces an exclusive Keynote held by its two founders, Sam Assadian and Sebastien Guichou, on Wednesday, May 5th, at 7PM CEST on Isotropix Website and YouTube. This special event will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company and will feature major announcements to come regarding Isotropix products and offers. Members of the VFX and Animation Industry, as well as members of the press, are invited to attend this online event and interact live in the chat with the Isotropix team.

This event can be followed on

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About Isotropix

Isotropix is a software development company founded in 2011. For the past decade, the company has constantly innovated to streamline the workflow of CG Artists working in world leading studios such as DNEG, Industrial Light & Magic, WETA Digital and Dreamworks Animation. First released in 2012, their flagship product Clarisse has been key in the creation of over 200 feature films and television series, several of which have earned unanimous critically acclaimed awards, including three Academy Awards for Blade Runner 2049, First Man and the just recently awarded Tenet. For more information, please visit